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Technology News on November 29, 2010

Can listening to new audio drug get you high?
A web site has claimed that users of a new audio drug can achieve an altered state just by listening to a few beats. ANI

More than 240,000 cultural relics unearthed in China
Archaeologists have unearthed more than 240,000 cultural relics near the Three Gorges Reservoir in China. ANI

Being too clean could make you prone to more allergies
A new study has indicated that young people may suffer more allergies if they are overexposed to anti­bacterial soaps containing triclosan. ANI

'Alien comets' were 'stolen by Sun' from neighboring stars 4.5bn yrs ago
Computer simulations in a new study have shown that the early Sun could have stolen comets from neighboring newborn stars 4.5 billion years ago. ANI

Uncertainty in diagnosis is a 'very serious stressor'
We all have, at some or the other time, experienced a feeling of anxiety as we waited for test results in the hospital - that feeling of anxious uncertainty can be more stressful than knowing you have a serious illness. ANI

Women more stressed about Facebook updates than men
An Australian survey has found that women were more stressed out than men to keep their Facebook status updates interesting. ANI

MRI recommended for women with personal history of br*ast cancer
A new study has suggested that women with a personal history of br*ast cancer should consider annual screening with MRI in addition to mammography. ANI

Irreversible inhibition of a protease central to hepatitis C infection: Study
A new study has demonstrated that irreversible covalent inhibition can increase selectivity, potency and duration of action, broadens applications for targeted covalent drugs to the protease gene family. ANI

Walking 'slows Alzheimer progression in adults'
A new study has suggested that walking may slow cognitive decline in adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease, as well as in healthy adults. ANI

Daily running could 'cause leg muscles to degenerate in athletes'
A new study conducted amongst athletes revealed that despite running daily, their leg muscles degenerate because of the immense energy consumption. ANI

Good-looking couples likelier to have daughters: Study
A new study has shown that attractive couples are more likely to have daughters as compared to plainer parents. ANI

Paracetamol for kids under 15 months 'doubles their risk of asthma'
A new study has revealed that paracetamol use in children aged under 15 months can double their chances of getting asthma. ANI

New gene therapy may 'fix memory problems in Alzheimer patients'
Scientists at the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease (GIND) in San Francisco have discovered a new gene therapy that successfully fixed memory problems in mice with Alzheimer's disease (AD). ANI

Scientists may have found 'elixir of eternal youth'
The elixir of eternal youth may soon be reality, thanks to scientists from the Harvard University. ANI

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