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Technology News on November 28, 2010

Now, high-powered laser that unblocks arteries in minutes
People whose arteries get blocked due to cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes may now get a quicker treatment as a high-powered laser, which unblocks arteries in minutes, has been designed in the UK. ANI

Twitter handy tool for foreign language teaching
Twitter, mostly famous for celebrity gossips, is being transformed into more purposeful social media tool for teaching foreign language at the University of South Carolina. ANI

Antarctic icecaps could help scientists predict Earth's future weather
London's Science Museum will feature three pieces of ice core, drilled from the Antarctic icecap, which could help scientists predict Earth's future weather. ANI

Cosmos may provide clues to events before Big Bang
Cosmos may provide some clues into events that happened before the Big Bang, according to an expert. ANI

Glasses-free 3-D devices to hit market
Wearing those glasses while watching a 3-D movie may soon become a thing of the past, as new glasses-free 3-D devices are about to hit the Japanese market. ANI

Facebook strengthening our social ties: Study
A University of Texas research has suggested that Facebook is making us more social, albeit in ways unique to the digital age. ANI

Antibiotics named as 'greatest medical advance of last 50 years'
A new survey has named antibiotics as the most important medical development of the past 50 years. ANI

A study of soil as a source of pollutants
A new study from University of Southern Maine aims to understand the role of soil as a source of pollutants. ANI

Improved ocean turbine design - inspired by whales!
Underwater turbines have long been thought to be sources of alternative energy - now the ocean's largest mammals have inspired scientists to tackle one of the serious challenges of this technology: the low velocity associated with many tidal flows and the difficulty of extracting useful energy from low speed flows using current designs. ANI

New discovery in the fight against Huntington's disease
Scientists have made a novel discovery in the fight against Huntington's disease (HD). ANI

How do jump ropes work?
Engineers have built a robotic jump rope device and used it to study the underlying physics of jumping rope. ANI

Jellyfish inspire flexible pumps
A student at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena thinks that jellyfish's unique propulsion system might be the perfect model for tiny pumps that can be implanted in peoples' bodies, or used in soft robotics. ANI

200mn-yr-old fossils reveal how snakes' syringe-like venom fangs evolved
Scientists are analysing fossils of a 200 million-year-old reptile of the late Triassic period to understand how syringe-like teeth evolved in snakes that exist today. ANI

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