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Technology News on November 26, 2010

PC recreates 3D model of Rome's Colosseum with Flickr pictures
A 3D model of Rome's Colosseum has been recreated in one day using millions of pictures from photo-sharing websites such as Flickr on a modified home PC. ANI

Simple writing exercises could help women succeed in science
A new study has suggested that a brief writing exercise can help women improve their academic performance in physics and reduce some of the well-documented differences between male and female science students. ANI

Fairground mirrors could resolve TSA scanner controversy, says scientist
Worried that your full-body-scan images at US airports would end up being misused? Well, take a breather, as a scientist has offered a solution- make every n*ked scan look like the grotesque contorted image in a fairground mirror. ANI

Plans for dog-shaped vacuum cleaner come to light
Does your dog get mad at the sight of a vacuum cleaner? Well, you can now take a breather, as plans for a dog-shaped vacuum cleaner designed to make pooches more comfortable around the household cleaning device have emerged. ANI

Soyuz spacecraft back after 5-month International Space Station stint
The Soyuz spacecraft flown by Expedition 25 Commander Doug Wheelock and Flight Engineers Shannon Walker and Fyodor Yurchikhin safely landed on the Kazakhstan steppe Thursday, wrapping up a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station. ANI

First evidence of magnetic field ejected from a young star
Astronomers have discovered the first evidence of a magnetic field in a jet of material ejected from a young star. ANI

'Bloody' Battle of Towton is 'first proven gunfight in Brit history'
A new archaeological find has revealed that the bloodiest battle ever fought on the English soil is the first proven gun battle in British history. ANI

Engineered DNA device could make cells differentiate or die on demand
Biologists have constructed a programmable genetic 'circuit' that can rewire cells to respond on demand to just about any signal desired - it could coax cells to differentiate - or die. ANI

Looking at meat could have a calming effect on you
Want to calm down your hubby after a stressful day? If yes, then you should cook him a steak, say experts.ontrary to popular belief that red meat makes humans aggressive, scientists have found that it actually has a calming affect. ANI

Air pollution 'costs us 6 months of our lives'
Air pollution from vehicles and power stations is reducing life expectancy in the UK by an average of 6 months, the government has warned. ANI

Oxygen atmosphere found on Saturn's moon
Astronomers have announced that an oxygen atmosphere has been found on Saturn's second largest moon, Rhea. ANI

Collision of galaxies 'formed Andromeda'
Astronomers has revealed that Andromeda - the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way- was born when two smaller galaxies collided. ANI

Cheap, high-yield 'bio-oil' could reduce reliance on fossil fuels
A team of University of Massachusetts Amherst chemical engineers has developed a way to produce high-yield bio-oils that could reduce or eliminate industry's reliance on fossil fuels. ANI

Mozart's symphonies grow 'sweeter bananas, tastier sake'
Mozart's music has regaled man for years, but now some are exploring the possibility that his symphonies may benefit fruits and vegetables too. ANI

Dino extinction made mammals grow '1000 times bigger'
The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago resulted in the size of mammals increasing - by about a thousand times bigger than they had been. ANI

Green-eyed Chinese 'could be descendants of lost Roman legion'
A new study has claimed that the green-eyed residents of the remote north western Chinese village of Liqian may be the descendants of a lost Roman legion that settled in the area. ANI

How the universe evolved from a super-hot liquid
An experiment to recreate the conditions of Big Bang has suggested that the universe was a super-hot liquid in the moments immediately after its birth. ANI

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