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Technology News on November 25, 2010

Both spendthrifts and tightwads end up feeling unhappy: Study
A new study has found that people who spend too much or too little money are less happy than people who feel content with the amount of money they spend. ANI

Restoring gene may slow spread of advanced lung tumours
Cancer biologists have revealed that restoring the gene for cancer protein p53 could slow the spread of advanced lung tumours, but doesn't help early-stage cancers. ANI

Before Columbus, Viking-Indian child 'may have been born in Europe'
A new study has claimed that a Native American woman might have voyaged to Europe with Vikings five centuries before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. ANI

Now, laser technology that inscribes on glass without breaking it
Now, a new laser technology can inscribe numbers in glass without cracking, heating or leaving any external marks on the glass. ANI

One of Jupiter's stripes that faded out making a comeback
New NASA images show that one of Jupiter's dark brown stripes that 'disappeared' last spring is now showing signs of a comeback. ANI

New Twitter tool will let users see how popular their updates are
Social networking site Twitter has come up with a new tool that will allow users to see who is following them and who isn't. ANI

How melanoma tumours evade drug treatment
A new research has discovered how some melanoma tumours evade drug treatment. ANI

Scientists use patient's tumor to form cancer vaccine
Scientists have come up with a novel way to approach cancer treatment. ANI

Biggest galaxies formed when universe was young
A new research led by Tufts University has found that some of the universe's most massive galaxies may have formed billions of years earlier than current scientific models predict. ANI

How HIV infection kills T cells
Scientists have solved a long-standing mystery about HIV infection- how the virus promotes the death of CD4 T cells. ANI

Number of polar bears to fall, courtesy climate change
A new study by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has revealed that polar bears aren't suited for southern diets and their numbers are likely to dwindle as climate change forces them south. ANI

Glowing bio-LED trees could replace street lamps
Trees with naturally glowing leaves could one day offer an eco-friendly alternative to street lamps. ANI

TSA pat-downs 'can be re-traumatizing' for rape victims
An expert has warned that Transportation Security Administration's 'enhanced' pat-downs 'can be extremely re-traumatizing' for rape victims. ANI

Horticulturists develop 'world's first black petunia plant'
Horticulturists have developed the world's first black petunia plant for next summer's gardens. ANI

New Imaging technique accurately identifies cancer cells
An imaging technique that uses laser light to identify cancer cells has been developed by a team of Illinois researchers. ANI

The mystery behind recurring dreams and nightmares
We all dream but some of us have a specific dream or nightmare over and over again - a new study tries to find out why. ANI

Scientists solve mystery of pulsating star
Astronomers have measured the mass of a Cepheid with accuracy far greater than any earlier estimates - allowing them to immediately see which of the two competing theories predicting the masses of Cepheids is correct. ANI

Short, on-chip light pulses to boost data transfer speeds on computers
University of California - San Diego electrical engineers have designed ultra compact, low power pulse compressor on a silicon chip, which will enable ultrafast data transfer within computers. ANI

Promising new treatment for hearing-loss
A promising new treatment has been developed for people who suffer from sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL). ANI

NASA targets space shuttle Discovery's launch for no earlier than Dec. 17
NASA managers have postponed the launch of the space shuttle Discovery until Dec. 17. ANI

Why the same face may look male or female
Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains apparently can perceive some faces as male when it appears in one section of our field of view, but female when it appears in another. ANI

2,000-yr-old intact female skeleton with gray hair discovered in China
An intact skeleton of an elderly woman has been excavated from an ancient tomb dating back to around 2,200 years ago in central China's Hubei Province. ANI

Are firstborns smarter than their second-born siblings?
A new study examines whether firstborns really have advantages over their younger siblings. ANI

King Solomon's copper-and-gold palaces 'may have existed'
A UCSD professor of anthropology has uncovered evidence that suggests that King Solomon's splendid, copper- and gold-adorned palaces - as described in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) - may very well have existed. ANI

Packed 'sea of photons' could shrink the size of electronic devices
A sea of photons has been combined to make a 'super photon' - a feat that could help shrink the size of electronic devices. ANI

How we perceive sour tasting foods
A new research has gained some interesting insights into how our tongues perceive sour taste. ANI

Jet lag causes memory loss: Study
A new study by researchers at the University of California has indicated that chronic jet lag alters the brain in ways that cause memory and learning problems long after one's return to a regular 24-hour schedule. ANI

Traumatic events really can affect the genes
Trauma is not just psychological, but biological and even heritable. ANI

Diabetes drug 'may treat Alzheimer's'
A new study by scientists from Berlin, Bonn and Dundee has shown that the diabetes drug Metformin has an effect against one of the main causes of the Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Early urinary protein test during pregnancy predicts later pre-eclampsia
Scientists in UK have come up with a new test that may be able to predict which pregnant women will suffer from the potentially fatal condition pre-eclampsia. ANI

Epilepsy drugs don't harm IQ of breastfed babies: Study
Breastfeeding a baby while taking a seizure medication may have no harmful effect on the child's IQ later in life, according to a new research from the Emory University School of Medicine. ANI

20pc of Facebook users exposed to malware
Are you a Facebook user? Then there is a good chance that you have been exposed to malware at least once as you trolled through your friends' news feeds. ANI

Women's luscious red lips - the biggest turn on for men!
Want to catch a man's eye? Forget fluttering your eyelashes or flicking your hair. All you need to do is practice your pout, for a woman's lips are the most attractive part of her body. Especially if she's wearing red lipstick. ANI

Facebook to patent the word 'face'?
It may sound ridiculous at first, but Facebook is planning to trademark the word 'face' because it wants to stop other companies using the term in a way which damages its own brand. ANI

World's largest diet study finally solves obesity riddle
University of Copenhagen researchers have finally solved the obesity riddle. ANI

Chronic high cholesterol diet leads to brain damage: Study
A new study by Laboratory of Psychiatry and Experimental Alzheimers Research at the Medical University Innsbruck (Austria) demonstrated that chronic high fat cholesterol diet in rats exhibit pathologies similar to Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Neither money nor success - happiness is tied to your spouse
It was always thought that happiness is related to money, success or good health but a new study shows that happiness is hitched to your spouse. ANI

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