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Technology News on November 23, 2010

Chatrooms, social networking sites "behind generation that can't spell"
A study has suggested that Internet chatrooms and social networking sites are to be blamed for children spelling words incorrectly. ANI

Why babies digest milk more effectively than adults
A new study has pointed out that infants are more efficient at digesting milk than adults due to a difference in the strains of bacteria that dominate their digestive tracts. ANI

Scientists revive ancient bacteria
Scientists at Binghamton University have revived ancient bacteria trapped for thousands of years in water droplets embedded in salt crystals.or years, geologists have looked at these water droplets - called fluid inclusions - and wondered whether microbes could be extracted from them. ANI

Archaeologists uncover 1,800-yr-old Roman bathhouse in Jerusalem
A 1,800-year-old bathhouse was discovered prior to the construction of a men's mikveh (ritual bath) in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. ANI

Late-preterm babies 'at greater risk for cognitive, emotional problems'
A new study has suggested that late-preterm babies, those born between 34 and 36 weeks, face an increased risk of cognitive and emotional problems. ANI

Targeted br*ast ultrasound effective for women under 30
A new study has suggested that targeted br*ast ultrasound should be the primary imaging technique used to evaluate focal br*ast signs and symptoms of disease in women younger than 30. ANI

Imaging breakthrough to help docs see microscopic details inside our bodies
Scientists say that a new breakthrough in imaging technology using a combination of light and sound will allow health care providers to see microscopic details inside the body. ANI

Scientists develop new salmonella test that makes food safer
Researchers from University of Missouri have developed a new test for salmonella in poultry and eggs that will produce faster and more accurate results than most currently available tests. ANI

New method to trick cancer cells to self-destruct shows promise
A new method that causes cancer cells to self-destruct while sparing surrounding healthy cells is showing promise as a fighter against the disease. ANI

Indian-origin boffins introduce thermotherapy as a chemotherapy alternative
A research team, including Indian-origin scientists, has introduced a new method to target and destroy cancerous cells.he cancer treatment uses hyperthermia to elevate the temperature of tumor cells, while keeping the surrounding healthy tissue at a lower degree of body heat. ANI

Solitary fish may be first model for human depression
Zebrafish that stop swimming when left alone could be the first fish model of a human mood disorder. ANI

Adding face shields to helmets could prevent blast-induced brain injuries
A new study has suggested that adding a face shield to the helmet worn by military personnel could help prevent blast induced head injuries. ANI

Mind's ability to predict makes us less attentive
The human brain has the ability to store millions of sounds and sights, which get recorded into a database that the mind refers to the next time it encounters any of them. ANI

High tech clothes peg can withstand sun for longer
Scientists have designed a clothes peg using supercomputers and quantum chemistry - the high tech peg can withstand the sun for longer. ANI

Biological basis of brain's ability for rapid adaptation revealed
When you detect an object flying at your head, you first move out of the way and then you try to determine what the object is. Your brain's ability to rapidly switch from detecting an object moving in your direction to finding out what the object is through a phenomenon called adaptation. ANI

New spinal implant to help people exercise paralysed limbs
People with paraplegia would now be able to exercise their paralysed leg muscles, thanks to a new type of microchip muscle stimulator implant. ANI

Global polio eradication initiative may save $40-50bn
The global initiative to eradicate polio could provide net benefits of at least 40-50 billion dollars if transmission of wild polioviruses is interrupted within the next five years, according to a new study. ANI

Scientists find new way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
A new study has shown that treating municipal wastewater solids at higher temperatures could be an effective tool in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. ANI

Better treatment for spinal injuries could be on its way
Improved treatment for spinal injuries could be on its way, as scientists have found that the rate and direction of axon growth in the spinal cord can be controlled. ANI

New breakthrough may lead to low-cost, disposable e-readers
University of Cincinnati researchers may soon come up with low-cost, even disposable, e-readers. ANI

Astronomers discover 'Rosetta Stone' for T-Dwarf stars
Astronomers have discovered a unique and exotic star system with a very cool methane-rich (or T-) dwarf star and a 'dying' white dwarf stellar remnant in orbit around each other. ANI

How fat cells respond to mechanical stress
Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a new method to look at how fat cells - which produce the fat in our bodies - respond to mechanical loads. ANI

Aggressive surgery best for kids with brain tumors
Children with low-grade brain tumors (gliomas) who undergo aggressive surgery to completely remove the tumour have an increased chance of overall survival, according to Mayo Clinic study. ANI

New tool that can quickly identify dangerous viruses developed
A simple diagnostic tool has been developed by Boston University researchers to quickly identify dangerous viruses like Ebola and Marburg. ANI

How online gamblers perceive themselves
An online gambler doesn't realize that he is betting on the Internet - instead he thinks he is an internaut who gambles - says a new study. ANI

Why snakes don't need wings to fly
Scientists have discovered that some species of snake can stay airborne for up to 79 feet. ANI

How airborne influenza may spread
Influenza usually spreads through direct contact and droplets, but a new study examines aerosol transmission as a possible way. ANI

For hares, variety really is the spice of life
Scientists at University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, have shown that genetic variability is associated with greater reproductive success in hares. ANI

Ultrathin silicon substitute to revolutionize future electronics
Scientists have successfully come up with an alternative to silicon that has superior electron mobility and velocity, which makes it an outstanding candidate for future high-speed, low-power electronic devices. ANI

Simultaneous signals from 2 pulsars heralds new era in radio astronomy
Astronomers at ASTRON demonstrated the feasibility of a new receiver technology by simultaneously detecting the radio signals of two widely separated pulsars - the observation will have a great impact on radio astronomy. ANI

Kids' cartoon drinking glasses 'contain 30pc lead'
The next time you decide to buy those jazzy cartoon drinking glasses for your kids, better be careful as they have been found to exceed recommended health limits of lead by up to 1,000 times. ANI

How sunlight shapes daily rhythms
Understanding how biological clocks adjust to having less sunlight in the winter could help us better understand the impact of jet lag and shift work, say scientists. ANI

It's official! Dogs are 'smarter than cats'
A new study by scientists at Oxford University has shown that dogs are cleverer than cats because their friendly character has helped them develop bigger brains. ANI

Elderly people can improve their vision with perceptual training
Researchers at UC Riverside-Boston University have suggested that perceptual training can improve the vision of elderly people. ANI

Sugar found in br*ast milk promotes colitis in offspring: study
New research has revealed that a sugar found in mouse br*ast milk promotes the generation of colitis in offspring. ANI

Exercise may benefit patients with deep vein thrombosis
A six-month exercise training program designed to increase leg strength, leg flexibility and overall fitness may improve post-thrombotic syndrome, a frequent, chronic complication of deep vein thrombosis, suggests a new study. ANI

'Chess Terminator' robot can play 24hrs a day for more than 3yrs!
Scientists have designed a robot that can play chess 24 hours a day for more than three years and is called "Chess Terminator". ANI

Gene discovery could lead to healthier food, better biofuel production
Purdue University scientists have found the gene that is responsible for the production of the amino acid phenylalanine. ANI

Coming soon: New taxi-driver software to guide you through jams! (Corrected)
Ever marvelled at a taxi-driver's knowledge of a city's short cuts? Well, you can now be happy, as soon you would be able to take advantage of that know-how in your own car. ANI

Cervical cancer detection gets quicker, cheaper with £15 test
Detecting cervical cancer in women is set to get quicker, cheaper and more accurate, as scientists have made a 15-pound test that could save thousands of lives. ANI

How cosmic dust shape the twinkling stars
Want to know about the formation of stars? Well, scientists have found that cosmic dust is a vital ingredient that shapes them. ANI

HIV drugs 'lead to insulin resistance'
A new study has revealed that HIV drugs can lead to insulin resistance that further results in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. ANI

Exercising to piano music 'helps reduce falls among elderly'
A music-based multitask exercise program may lead to improved gait (manner or style of walking), balance and a reduction in the rate of falling among elderly people, suggests a study. ANI

Organic veggies 'no healthier than conventional food'
Organically grown onions, carrots, and potatoes generally do not have higher levels of healthful antioxidants and related substances than vegetables grown with traditional fertilizers and pesticides, scientists have reported. ANI

Organic veggies don't have healthy antioxidants
Organically grown onions, carrots, and potatoes generally do not have higher levels of healthful antioxidants and related substances than vegetables grown with traditional fertilizers and pesticides, scientists have reported. ANI

Winged insects to inspire nextgen tiny air vehicles
Creating tiny air vehicles that mimic the flapping of winged insects is a popular notion, but require a complex combination of pitching and plunging motions to oscillate the flapping wings. ANI

How a drop of blood can reveal your age
Researchers based in the Netherlands have reported a genetic signature for a person's age - to within a decade or so - in a type of white blood cell. ANI

Depression could be both result of and risk factor for diabetes
A new study claims that depression may result from diabetes, but it may also be a risk factor for it. ANI

Shallow reservoirs of liquid water may have been common on Mars
Shallow groundwater reservoirs may have been common on Mars, says a new study. ANI

Cocktail of cheap drugs 'could prevent Alzheimer's disease'
A cheap diabetes drug taken with a red wine 'miracle pill' could prevent Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Soon, a pill to wipe out painful memories!
Often there are moments that we wish to forget because they cause us so much pain like the death of a loved one or a childhood trauma - now it might be possible to do so just by popping a pill. ANI

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