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Technology News on November 22, 2010

Urinary protein linked to cognitive decline in elderly women
A new study has found that low amounts of albumin in the urine strongly predict faster cognitive decline in older women. ANI

A glass of red wine a day 'can treat diabetes'
Research has found that drinking a small glass of red wine every day can help treat diabetes. ANI

Melting glacial ice sheets 'may not raise sea levels after all'
Glaciologists have been worried sick that the West Antarctic ice sheet will collapse over the next few centuries, raising sea levels dramatically, but a new study counters this theory. ANI

Researchers design mechanical model of human vocal folds
Researchers have built a mechanical model of human vocal folds to show how asymmetrical airflow impacts normal and diseased vocal fold motion - observations that may lead to new devices to help those who cannot take for granted their ability to vocalize. ANI

Making wind-turbines more efficient
New air-flow technology is being tested as engineers feel that the overall design of wind-turbines is still far from optimal as the costs of producing power with turbines continues to drop. ANI

Human skin turned into 3-D cancers in tissue culture dishes
For the first time ever, Stanford University researchers have successfully transformed normal human tissue into three-dimensional cancers in a tissue culture dish. ANI

Stretched rubber tube device mimics zebra finch songs
Harvard scientists have has reproduced many of the characteristics of real bird song with a simple physical model made of a rubber tube. ANI

MRI may hold key to improved jet engine performance
Apart from the usual task of imaging organs and soft tissues, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) could prove useful in improving the efficiency of jet engines, says researcher. ANI

Milky Way's smallest black holes 'don't exist'
A new study has revealed that black holes a few times the mass of the sun may not exist to begin with. ANI

First step of a cancer cell's beginning identified
Scientists have identified factors in the very first step of the process that prompts normal cells to transform themselves into cancerous cells. ANI

Telling kids to clean their plate may produce fussy eaters
A study has suggested that telling your child to clean their plate may help produce a fussy eater, while tight control of what they eat could make children prone to overeating. ANI

'Smooth muscles' play major role in heart problems, stroke
Scottish scientists have found the causes of serious conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. ANI

Tumours are capable of making their own blood vessels: Study
A new study has revealed that tumours don't rely on their host's blood vessels for nourishment because they can make their own blood vessels. ANI

World's first 1,000mph car project 'on track'
The British project to develop the world's first 1,000mph car is on track. ANI

Coming soon: a diving suit that turns humans into fish
Humans may now be able go deep inside the waters, as a US scientist has designed a scuba suit would allow us to breathe liquid like fish. ANI

Rare disease 'paves way for creating stem cells'
Harvard researchers have found that by mimicking a rare genetic disorder in a dish, they can rewind the internal clock of a mature cell and drive it back into an adult stem-cell stage. ANI

Coming soon: Airplanes that look like birds!
Airplanes may soon start looking like birds as scientists are pondering over re-designing the current airplanes to make them more fuel-efficient. ANI

Brit TV dramas portray characters with mental health issues as 'dangerous'
A study of peak-time British programme has indicated that television dramas too often portray characters with mental health problems as "dangerous". ANI

Technology is 'killing traditional face-to-face conversations'
A study has concluded that people are unhappy with the lack of face-to-face time they spend with friends and family. ANI

Global CO2 emissions may reach 'record levels in 2010'
A new study from the University of Exeter (UK) has said that global CO2 emissions may reach record levels in 2010. ANI

Now, capture and store sunlight using liquid battery
Ever wondered how sunlight could be stored and used when needed? Well, it may be possible one day, say MIT researchers, who are working on making a new method for capturing and storing sunlight that would make this renewable energy indefinitely storable and transportable. ANI

Stem cell therapy could 'help the blind see within 6 weeks'
Stem cells derived from spare IVF embryos left over from fertility treatment could help blind patients see within six weeks, according to a new study. ANI

Having facial moles 'could mean fewer wrinkles, healthier heart'
Having moles is usually a cause for embarrassment, but not any more, according to scientists. ANI

Nanotechnology could unlock secret of youthful skin
An expert at University of Reading, UK, is examining the use of nanotechnology to restore skin's youthfulness. ANI

Hi-tech robots search for ancient shipwrecks lying on ocean floor
It would now be possible to access ancient shipwrecks lying on the ocean floor, thanks to new robotic submersibles. ANI

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