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Technology News on November 21, 2010

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy shows promise for knee osteoarthritis
A new American study has positioned Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) as a viable means in managing knee osteoarthritis. ANI

Cancer was rare, but it did occur in Ancient Egypt: Scientist
In a direct contradiction to a recent Nature article on cancer in Egypt, a Manchester United Egyptologist has stated that cancer was not 'man-made', and that it was rare but it did occur in ancient Egypt. ANI

300-feet-long wind tunnel is largest of its type in the world
A 300 feet long wind tunnel that is the largest of its type in the world is situated at the University of New Hampshire. ANI

Scientists question widely adopted indicator of ocean health
A new analysis by an international team led by a University of Washington fisheries scientist has suggested that the most widely adopted measure for assessing the state of the world's oceans and fisheries led to inaccurate conclusions in nearly half the ecosystems where it was applied. ANI

Cement-like substance could help the environment
A scientist has developed a cement-like substance that could help with stormwater management while potentially keeping millions of plastic bottles out of landfills. ANI

Using poetry to teach computers better language skills
A new study has suggested that a better understanding of how we use acoustic cues to stress new information and put old information in the background may help computer programmers produce more realistic-sounding speech. ANI

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