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Technology News on November 20, 2010

How HIV thwarts the body's natural defense
Researchers at Rush University Medical Center have apparently found why natural killer cells are powerless against HIV. ANI

Study sheds light on behaviour of enzyme linked to Alzheimer's, cancer
Scientists are using complex computer simulations to shed light on the workings of a crucial protein that, when malfunctioning, may cause Alzheimer's and cancer. ANI

New path discovered for colon cancer drug discovery
Scientists have found an old pinworm medicine to be a new lead in the search for compounds that block a signalling pathway implicated in colon cancer. ANI

Busy microbial world found in deepest ocean crust ever explored
Scientists have discovered bacteria with a remarkable range of capabilities, including eating hydrocarbons and natural gas, and "fixing" or storing carbon, in the deepest layer of ocean crust ever explored. ANI

New approach finds success in teaching autistic kids
Researchers at the University of Missouri are developing an effective social competence curriculum, with a virtual classroom component, that could help educators meet the demands of autistic kids. ANI

Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson's marriage on the rocks?
It looks like all is not well between Hollywood couple Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson. ANI

Largest genetic study of anorexia nervosa detects common, rare variants
Scientists have identified both common and rare gene variants associated with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. ANI

Is nanosilver in consumer products threatening human life?
Beware! Scientists have warned that unusually large amounts of nanosilver used in consumer products could be toxic for humans. ANI

You can't resist adultery by deleting Facebook accounts, says Minister
Pastor Cedric Miller had recently advised that some people should stay away from Facebook because the social media site leads Christians into the 'temptation' to commit adultery. ANI

Study that 'unlocked' genetics of a long life under scanner
A previously published study into the genetics of ageing has come under scanner after it claimed that it may soon be possible to test people to see whether they are likely to live to 100. ANI

'Trained' bacteria that turn veggies, fruits into bioplastics!
Researchers have been able to 'train' bacteria to convert all the main sugars in vegetable, fruit and garden waste efficiently into 'green' products like bioplastics. ANI

Coral bleaching will go from bad to worse in 2010: Study
One of the worst bleaching events on record occurred in 2005, thanks to the unusually warm waters in the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, but a new study has revealed that 2010 is shaping up to be even worse. ANI

Months of geologic unrest preceded Eyjafjallajokull eruption: Study
A new study has shown that the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull was preceded by months of geological unrest. ANI

COPD could be an auto-immunity problem
A new study has found that moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could be an auto-immunity problem. ANI

Robot that can fall in love may end woes of lonely hearts!
Robots could one day completely replace the need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, that's what the latest invention suggests. ANI

World's most expensive website '' sells for $13 million!
The world's most expensive website '' has been sold for a whopping 13 million dollars - that's how much Clover Holdings LTD paid for the rights. ANI

We only unwind from work stresses of week after 12.38pm on Saturday!
Ever felt like even a weekend off doesn't refresh you for work on Mondays? ANI

Michelangelo's David 'held secret weapon in right hand'
New research has kicked up a controversy, suggesting that Michelangelo's David might have held a secret weapon in his overly large right hand. ANI

Bladder regeneration using stem cells heralds organ replacement therapies
US researchers have created a model for bladder regeneration using stem cells - a study that could lead scientists towards new organ replacement therapies. ANI

Avid GPS use 'may damage your memory'
You better turn off that reassuring GPS voice, for it may be dumbing down a region of your brain, says a new study. ANI

Now, zoom around in a $100K Jetsons-like jetpack of your own!
Conventional air carriers may soon become a thing of the past, for now you can buy your very own jetpack and fly it too. ANI

Cough syrup may help predict breast cancer drug's effectiveness
Researchers have found that giving cough syrup to breast cancer patients might reveal on how well they will respond to a vital drug. ANI

Could red wine treat diabetes?
A new study has revealed that red wine is packed with anti-diabetic compounds - so does that mean it could be a potential source of treatment? ANI

New discovery brings anti-ageing pill a step closer
Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered a key anti-ageing enzyme that stops our cells from decaying. ANI

New findings could lead to improved treatment of spinal cord injuries
University of Cambridge scientists have discovered the origin of a unique type of cell, which can support regeneration in the central nervous system. ANI

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