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Technology News on November 2, 2010

Facebook adjusts feature to block pictures of users' old flames
Social networking site Facebook has altered a feature, which caused photos of users' former lovers to appear when they logged in. ANI

Facebook takes action against developers caught selling user data
Social networking site Facebook has taken action against developers who have been caught selling user names and contact lists. ANI

Facebook postings could cost you your job
A man in Australia, who took two sick days during the New Year, was fired from his barman job after a photo of him partying on the said days was spotted by his employer on Facebook. ANI

Some urban trees may discourage 'shady' behaviour
US researchers have revealed that certain types of city trees may help lower property and violent crime rates. ANI

Earth will take 100,000 years 'to recuperate from global warming'
Geologists have warned that the Earth will take 100, 000 years to recover from global warming if mankind continues to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. ANI

Is facial attractiveness all down to looks?
A researcher in England says physical attractiveness might be determined by the way people move their faces and alter their voices instead of by the way they look. ANI

Kids do better at school if their mums stay home for first year
A major study by researchers at Macalester College, Minnesota, and the University of California, has found that youngsters are less likely to succeed at school if their mothers return to work within a year of their birth. ANI

NSAIDs prevent colon cancer by causing stem cells to self-destruct
Researchers have found that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) prevent colon cancer by triggering diseased stem cells to self-destruct.These findings by the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine could lead to new strategies to protect people at high risk for the disease. ANI

Even short falls can be deadly for 70-plus adults
A study has revealed that simple falls, such as slipping while walking off a curb, may seem relatively harmless but they can actually lead to severe injury and death in elderly individuals. ANI

Contraceptive pill, smoking linked to childhood stroke risk
Researchers have found the combined effects of oral contraceptives plus smoking or anaemia as one of the risk factors of childhood stroke. ANI

81pc of hospital patients at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea
A Loyola University Health System study has found that eighty-one percent of hospital patients are at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea. ANI

Twitter to introduce in-stream ads for users' timelines
Twitter is all set to team up with a host of marketers, such as Starbucks, Virgin and Best Buy, to introduce in-stream ads to its users' timelines. ANI

New study could lead to systems that target multiple disease pathways
Scientists at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland have created an animal model that breaks through the limitations of current systems that target single disease pathways. ANI

People think about things they think they don't think about: Study
Research conducted by Vanderbilt University psychologists suggests that people think about things they think they don't think about. ANI

Revolutionary JHU computer that can crunch 5 petabytes of data!
Computer scientist and astrophysicist Alexander Szalay of Johns Hopkins' Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science, and his colleagues, have developed a tool that will enable analysis of enormous amounts of data from both "little picture" and "big picture" perspectives. ANI

Alcohol 'more dangerous than crack cocaine' study provokes anger
Mental health campaigners have criticised a controversial new study that suggests alcohol is more dangerous to society than heroin and crack cocaine. ANI

People with stroke 'more likely to die if hospitalised on a weekend'
You may survive a stroke on a weekday, but if it's a weekend, your chances are grim. ANI

Antibiotics have long-lasting impacts on gut bacteria: Study
Researchers of a new study have concluded that antibiotics leave long-term impacts on gut flora. ANI

Targeted drug therapy shows promise against deadly form of lung cancer
Scientists say that a targeted therapy is showing great promise in patients with a deadly form of lung cancer. ANI

Grass could be bioenergy crop of the future, say Indian-origin scientists
A research team, including Indian-origin researchers, has found that grass could be the bioenergy crop of the future as the demand for biofuels increases, replacing corn as the premiere biofuel crop. ANI

10 new massive galaxy clusters discovered
An international team of scientists has discovered 10 new massive galaxy clusters from a large, uniform survey of the southern sky. ANI

Common gut bug 'fights Salmonella-induced inflammatory bowel disease'
A research from U-M Medical School scientists showed that helicobacter pylori, a common stomach bacterium, reduced the severity of inflammation of the colon caused by Salmonella in mice, ANI

Sleep really does help when it comes to recalling memories
A new study by researchers at the University of York and Harvard Medical School suggests that sleep not only helps in learning a new piece of information, such as a new phone number or a new word, but also gets the brain to file it away so it is available when needed. ANI

Genetic switch that turns immune responses on and off discovered
Scientists are examining a new discovery that explains what causes some genes to go out of control. ANI

Successful dolphin mums get help from pals
A landmark new study has shown that female dolphins that take help from their female friends are far more successful as mothers than those without such help. ANI

Massive, carnivorous "shrimp" 'may not be Earth's first predator'
A study has revealed that the infamous, carnivorous "shrimp" that is considered Earth's first great predator may, in fact, be not. ANI

Anger makes us want things more
Anger is usually considered a negative thing, but it also has some of the features of positive emotions. ANI

Long-standing mystery behind Saturn's rings solved
Images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft have finally revealed the answer to the perplexing behaviour of one of the most dynamic regions in Saturn's rings. ANI

'Mysterious, jiggly alien pod' found in Virginia lake
An employee at Home Technologies in City Center at Oyster Point saw a large, mysterious blob floating in the Center's manmade lake. ANI

Fresh evidence links mobile phone use to brain tumours
Evidence from a study on the effects of long-term exposure to microwaves from cellular phones has suggested that it could lead to an increased risk of brain tumours. ANI

UV light doubles vacuum's effectiveness in removing carpet microbes
Addition of ultraviolet light to the brushing and suction of a vacuum cleaner can almost double the removal of potentially infectious microorganisms from a carpet's surface when compared to vacuuming alone, suggests a new research. ANI

Compounds offer novel approach to fight cancer
A study has indicated that a class of compounds that interferes with cell signaling pathways may provide a new approach to cancer treatment. ANI

Depression recurs in about half of treated adolescent patients
A report has shown that most depressed teens who receive treatment appear to recover, but the condition recurs in almost half of adolescent patients and even more often among females. ANI

People aren't accurate at predicting how they'll feel after an event: Study
A new research has concluded that people aren't very accurate at predicting how good or bad they'll feel after an event-such as watching their team lose the big game or getting a flat-screen TV. ANI

Arthritis drugs could help prevent memory loss following surgery
A new study has found that anti-inflammatory drugs currently used to treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis may also help prevent cognitive decline after surgery. ANI

Having oral s*x 'ups likelihood of intercourse among teens'
A new research has revealed that oral s*x increases the likelihood of intercourse among adolescents. ANI

MRI scans reveal 'unique brain activity in people who bluff'
People who bluff exhibit a unique brain activity as seen in MRI scans, a study revealed. ANI

Learning to swim 'could make kids smarter'
Queensland researchers believe that learning to swim could make children smarter. ANI

'Introspection' brain networks fully formed in newborn babies
Brain areas thought to be involved in introspection and other aspects of consciousness are fully formed in newborn babies, a new study has found. ANI

Males more considerate than previously thought
It looks like males are more considerate than imagined - at least, in nematode worms. ANI

Bacteria can lead to evolution of new species
A new study has suggested that bacteria that live on the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster can affect their host's choice of mate by altering the fly's pheromones. ANI

'Cloud seeding' to encourage rainfall 'not as effective as thought'
New research from Tel Aviv University has revealed that the practice of cloud seeding with materials such as silver iodide and frozen carbon dioxide may not be as effective as thought. ANI

How fat hormone guards against stress-induced heart damage
Scientists at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute have discovered how a cardioprotective hormone called adiponectin prevents stress-induced damage in the heart. ANI

Sexually abused 'at higher risk of developing psychotic disorders'
Children who are sexually abused, especially if it involves penetration, are at higher risk for developing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, according to an Australian study. ANI

Email storm 'leads to workplace stress'
An IBM survey has found that the welter of emails arriving at workstations is a key contributor to workplace stress. ANI

Where bone strength comes from
Scientist have discovered that bone gets its strength from a combination of tiny fibres that either get stiffer or more malleable when stretched - a finding that could lead to better treatment for osteoporosis. ANI

How brain is wired for attention
Scientists have created a wiring diagram that shows how the brain pays attention to visual, cognitive, sensory, and motor cues. ANI

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