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Technology News on November 17, 2010

Potential new target for diabetes, heart disease treatments identified
A team researchers, including an Indian-origin boffin, has discovered a new cellular pathway that could help in developing therapeutic treatments for obesity-related disorders, like diabetes and heart disease. ANI

Chinese physicists create artificial black holes with metamaterials
A team of Chinese physicists has proposed a simple way to design an artificial electromagnetic (EM) black hole in the laboratory. ANI

Birds learn migratory destinations from parents
A six-year study on migrating geese has discovered that they learn their migratory destinations from parents. ANI

Disadvantaged kids more likely to be poor adults
A new study has pointed out that disadvantaged kids are more likely to drop out of high school, become premature parents and raise their own children in poverty. ANI

T Rex was able to outpace any prey due to its strong tail: Study
A new research has concluded that apart from being the largest predator ever to walk the Earth, Tyrannosaurus Rex was the fastest. ANI

Solar cells could be used to treat cancer effectively, say scientists
Scientists are coming up new solar cell-powered cancer therapies that could make treatment faster, less painful and more effective. ANI

Promising golden target for new drugs against tuberculosis identified
Scientists have discovered a key enzyme in Mycobacterium tuberculosis that enables the microbe to reproduce rapidly, promising a golden target for new drugs against tuberculosis (TB). ANI

Fish create their own mosquito nets to get good night's sleep: Study
A new study by Australian researchers has revealed that fish have developed their own mosquito nets in a bid to get good night's sleep. ANI

Cerebral malaria linked to epilepsy, behavior disorders: Study
Solidifying the link between malaria and neuropsychiatric disorders that affect hundreds of thousands of children, almost a third of cerebral malaria survivors developed epilepsy or other behavioral disorders in the most comprehensive study to date of the disease in African kids. ANI

Great whites ended up in Mediterranean after 'wrong turn' 450,000yrs ago
A genetic study has suggested that the great white shark may have ended in the Mediterranean after it took a wrong turn 450,000 years ago, from the seas around Australia. ANI

Astronomers spot merging star systems that might explode
Astronomers who found the first hypervelocity stars escaping the Milky Way have announced that their search also turned up a dozen double-star systems. ANI

MRI scans show structural brain changes in people at Alzheimer's risk
A new study by neuroscientists at Rush University Medical Center suggest that people at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease exhibit a specific structural change in the brain that can be visualized by brain imaging. ANI

Scientists reveal structure of protein linked to heart, nervous system health
Researchers at the University of Michigan have revealed the structure of a protein that is integral to processes responsible for maintaining a healthy heart and nervous system. ANI

Bats crash more often when they use vision
New research says that wild bats that use their vision to fly short distances are more likely to crash into objects. ANI

Oldest tool-use claim challenged by Spanish researchers
A Spanish-led team of researchers has challenged the idea that human ancestors were using stone tools about 3.4 million years ago. ANI

Energy drink intake may lead to alcohol dependence
A new research has suggested that college students who frequently consume heavily-caffeinated energy drinks are more likely to become alcohol-dependent. ANI

'Placenta key to pregnancy length' discovery ends 100-year mystery
A new research has revealed that the structure of the placenta has an important role in determining the pregnancy length in humans. ANI

We are not what we eat when it comes to gut bacteria
When it comes to gut bacteria, we are not what we eat. The types of gut bacteria that populate the guts of primates depend on the species of the host as well as where the host lives and what they eat, says a new study. ANI

'Intelligent' dressing changes colour to indicate state of a wound
Dressings effectively protect the site of an injury, but to examine a wound they must be removed. This can not only be painful for a patient, but it can also allow germs to enter the wound and cause infection. ANI

Inhalable dry powder antibiotic may reduce TB treatment time
New research has indicated that an inhalable dry powder antibiotic that when used alone or with current treatments may significantly reduce treatment for tuberculosis (TB) and multi-drug resistant TB. ANI

Global warming may be impacting blooming cycle of plants
A University of Cincinnati research has shown that global warming may be impacting the blooming cycle of plants. ANI

Sony launches world's first tilting television
Electronic giant Sony has unveiled what is billed as the world's first tilting screen.he "Monolithic" screens, which start at 1,300 pounds for a 40-inch screen and are available in state-of-the art 3D models, can either be set up vertically or slotted to a six-degree backwards lean. ANI

Genuine, open-mouthed laughter is most appealing: Study
Laughter that is genuine, involves the vocal chords, and is made with an open mouth, is the most appealing, according to a new research. ANI

How you think about your personal goals can affect your relationships
Your view of personal goals can affect your relationships, says researchers of a new study. ANI

Binge drinking increases impulsive behavior in males
A new study has found that adolescents into binge drinking are more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior. ANI

Send 60-year-old astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars: Scientists
Colonization of Mars would be faster and cheaper if astronauts behaved like the first settlers to come to North America - not expecting to go home, according to two scientists. ANI

Gender differences in sleep interruptions revealed
A University of Michigan study has revealed that working mothers are two-and-a-half times as likely as working fathers to interrupt their sleep to take care of others. ANI

Facebook's only got five years left, says digital expert
Facebook has just five years before its audience begins to splinter, according to digital consumer expert Jeffrey Cole. ANI

Japanese scientists confirm space probe captured asteroid dust
Japanese scientists, who announced in July that they had found something inside Hayabusa's 40cm-wide sample return capsule, have now concluded that the trouble-plagued Hayabusa did return asteroid dust. ANI

Stem cells injected into the brain of stroke patient in world first
In a pioneering attempt to repair the damage caused by a stroke, a Briton has had millions of stem cells injected into his brain. ANI

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