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Technology News on November 16, 2010

Mobile that only makes calls may end baffled smartphone users' woes
In the age of multi-function smartphones, a Dutch advertising agency has launched a mobile just to make and receive calls.he no-frills 'John's Phone' can't follow Twitter feeds iPhone-style, won't check Facebook, play MP3s, run apps or even receive texts. ANI

Sexual, physical abuse history linked to fibroids in premenopausal women
A new US study has found that both physical and sexual abuse history are associated with higher incidence of uterine fibroids later in life. ANI

Did dead alien microbes spawn life on Earth?
There are numerous theories on how life spawned on Earth and now a new research has indicated that life came from an interstellar origin; hitched a ride on a speck of dust, blew out of its host star system by stellar winds and then ended up on our planet. This concept is called 'anspermia'. ANI

For autistic teens, handwriting problems may continue
A new study has pointed out that handwriting problems among autistic kids are likely to continue into their teenage years. ANI

Season, time of day 'predict higher UV levels'
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels may remain high during winters, so adults participating in outdoor sports should rely on the season and time of day when judging the need for protective clothing and sunscreen, suggests a study. ANI

Male teens with disruptive behaviour disorders at higher road crashes risk
A new study has found that male teenagers with disruptive behaviour disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, are at higher risk of being seriously injured in traffic accidents, either as drivers or pedestrians. ANI

Iron in coronary artery plaque 'a marker of heart attack risk'
A new research has found that iron, derived from blood, is much more prevalent in the kind of plaque that is unstable and is more likely to promote a heart attack and possibly sudden death. ANI

Night-time sleep improves infants' skills
A new longitudinal study, carried out by researchers at the University of Montreal and the University of Minnesota, has revealed that babies who get most of their sleep during the night-time develop better skills than infants who sleep mostly during the day. ANI

3-year-olds sensitive to others' moral behaviors and intentions
Two new studies have concluded that young children's helpfulness is tempered when they see that the person they intend to help has harmed another person. But it also diminishes when they see that the object of their attention meant to harm another, even if no harm was done. ANI

Human creativity may have evolved as a way to help parents bond with kids
Human creativity may have evolved not in response to sexual selection as some scientists believe but as a way to help parents bond with their children and to pass on traditions and cultural knowledge, evidence from Disneyland has suggested. ANI

Alzheimer's risk increases with maternal inheritance
It is well known that individuals with a parental history of Alzheimer's are at increased risk for developing the disorder, but a new study suggests that which of the parents has the disease is very important. ANI

Strawberries show promise against Huntington's disease
In a new study, scientists found that strawberries and other fruits and vegetables slows the onset of motor problems and delays death in three models of Huntington's disease. ANI

What youngsters see when they look at Jesus Christ
A study from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, says that youngsters have different ways of interpreting the nine images of Christ. ANI

Melting Himalayan glaciers 'could impact billions of people'
A new report has outlined how USAID should take necessary steps in order to protect lives that will be impacted from the slowly melting Himalayan glaciers. ANI

Don't bank on 'wisdom of crowds' to win bets in football matches
A new study questions whether it's a good idea to follow 'the "wisdom of crowds' while betting on, say, a team's win in a football match. ANI

Now, 'vacuum cleaner' that sucks up oil slicks
It works just like any other vacuum cleaner, but instead of dust, this device sucks up oil. ANI

Why kids tire more quickly than adults when out for a walk
Ever wondered why children get tired quickly than adults when walking? Well, scientists had long recognized that smaller people use more energy per kilogram body mass than larger individuals when walking. But now, a new study has discovered the reason behind it. ANI

Facebook's new messaging service promises 'death of email'
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social networking giant Facebook, has said that email would fade out, just like the letter did, as it is slow and informal. ANI

Star-Trek-style 'space-time invisibility cloak' comes a step closer
A person moving from one place to another without being detected may sound more like sc-fi, but metamaterials can make this possible. ANI

Red, pink pills are preferred over others: Mumbai scientists
Indeed, red and pink are sought after colours, but in medicines too? Yes, that's right. University of Bombay researchers have found medicines in red and pink colour are preferred over tablets in other colours. ANI

Now, vending machine that suggests drinks based on your age, gender!
Want to get a drink that goes well with your age and gender? Well, you can do it now as Japanese scientists have developed a new vending machine that uses facial recognition to recommend drinks based on a customer's age and gender. ANI

Soon, computers that work 100K times faster than current hard disks
The day is probably not far when we would see computers equipped with shock-proof memory that work 100,000 times faster and consume less power than current hard disks. ANI

Once-in-a-lifetime flu jab that fights off all strains to be available 'within 5yrs'
A flu jab that is given just once in a lifetime to fight off all strains of the disease is expected to available within five years. ANI

Obese have a greater sense of smell for food: Study
A new research has stated that overweight people have greater sense of smell for food. ANI

New species of squid discovered in southern Indian Ocean
Scientists discovered a new species of squid during a research cruise in the southern Indian Ocean. ANI

Kids with autism have distinctive patterns of brain activity
Researchers have identified a distinct pattern of brain activity that may characterize the genetic vulnerability to developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ANI

Now, a space tyre that won't go flat!
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) together with tyre maker Goodyear have developed a space tyre that will never puncture. ANI

Women who smoke during pregnancy turn babies into future criminals
A new study has pointed out that mothers who smoke heavily during pregnancy are more likely to have kids who grow up to become repeat criminal offenders. ANI

Electric supercar set to complete 26,000 kms run for first time ever
A team of UK engineers are set to complete a journey of 26,000 kilometres in a battery-powered supercar across the Pan-American Highway. ANI

RNA-based drugs may prevent premature labour
Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have discovered in a preclinical study that tiny molecules called microRNAs act together with hormones to control the onset of labour, raising the prospect that RNA-based drugs might be able to prevent premature labour. ANI

Oz scientists turn chronic pain into 'the colour blue'
Oz scientists have discovered a gene that plays a vital role in the brain's processing of pain and was also implicated in the mysterious condition synaesthesia. ANI

Secondhand smoke exposure 'ups hearing loss risk'
A new study has revealed that non-smokers who repeatedly breathe in others' tobacco smoke are more likely to have some degree of hearing loss. ANI

'Cuddle hormone' influences sensitivity to advertising
Oxytocin - dubbed the "cuddle hormone" because of its importance in bonding between romantic partners and mothers and children - also influences feelings of well-being and sensitivity to advertising, reveals new research. ANI

T. rex's powerful long tail was its key to speed and hunting prowess
A graduate student at the University of Alberta has found that Tyrannosaurus rex's powerful tail muscles made the giant carnivore one of the fastest moving hunters of its time. ANI

Human childhood considerably longer than chimps: Study
Researchers have indicated that human childhood is considerably longer than chimpanzees, our closest-living ape relatives. ANI

World's first remote heart procedure using robotic arm
The world's first remote heart procedure, using a robotic arm alongside 3-D mapping is set to take place at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. ANI

Neanderthals matured faster, died younger: Study
Neanderthals were a live fast, die young species, according to a study from Harvard University. ANI

Do friendships too depend on Facebook now?
Facebook and other forms of online social networking are now "ingrained" and for many, their friendships have come to depend on it, according to an Australian study. ANI

High job stress 'ups risk of heart disease by 40 pc for women'
A new research has revealed that women who under high job strain have a 40 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease and the need for procedures to open blocked arteries, compared to those with low job strain. ANI

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