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Technology News on November 14, 2010

Bonding over problems can be stressful for women
A study has found that female friends who dwell on each other's problems show an increase in stress hormone cortisol and in activity of the sympathetic nervous system. ANI

The smartphone apps guide to love and romance
Forget those friends and confidantes who promised to help you find love to fill your dull life with ecstasy? Your new companion to sail you through the way of finding the right date is your smartphone. ANI

Vinegar-natural source of nitrate to safeguard organic pork
Scientists have suggested that vegetable juice powder could provide a natural source of nitrate to serve as a curing agent for pork and still be classified as a natural source. ANI

Now, robot nurse to give patients sponge baths!
Scientists have developed a robot that can help patients maintain personal hygiene without the need for a human nurse. ANI

Twitter can give a boost to students' grades
A study has suggested that using social networking sites like Twitter as a tool in university courses can help increase student engagement and also boost their grades. ANI

Graphic images on cigarette packs influence intentions to quit smoking
Highly graphic images of the negative consequences of smoking have the greatest impact on smokers' intentions to quit, say researchers at the University of Arkansas, Villanova University and Marquette University. ANI

Compound found in liquorice root could treat brain diseases
Compound found in liquorice root could help prevent or slow down the cell death associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, says a neuroscientist at the University of South Carolina. ANI

Cilantro ingredient can suppress foul odour of 'chitlins'
Scientists have identified an ingredient in cilantro that quashes the notoriously foul odour of chitlins - a smell known to drive people from the house when chitlins are cooking. ANI

Slippery feet remind beetles to bathe
Insects skitter along leaves, logs and the sides of your picnic basket using their adhesive footpads. Now, a new study has revealed just how beetles keep their feet clean and ready to cling. ANI

Red light forces cancer cells to absorb chemo drugs
Scientists have suggested that cancer cells suck up chemotherapy drugs more readily if they are zapped with red light. ANI

Sexually abused street teens have s*x at an early age to get partner approval
A new study has revealed that homeless teens who were sexually molested as children may be motivated to have s*x at an earlier age because they are seeking approval from their partners. ANI

190mn yrs old dinosaur eggs offer insights into infancy and growth
After sitting in collections for nearly three decades, some well preserved dinosaur eggs have offered new insights into the infancy and growth of early dinosaurs. ANI

Broccoli juice may keep skin cancer at bay
Forget sunscreens, the thing that can actually protect your skin from UV rays is broccoli juice, say scientists. ANI

Heat-powered fan to make stoves cleaner
A Pennsylvania State University student is helping design a better cook stove for people in developing countries. ANI

Indian-origin boffin Muneesh Tewari receives Presidential Early Career Award
An Indian-origin scientist has been awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers - the nation's highest honor for scientists at the beginning of their independent research careers. ANI

Men too can fake orgasms: Study
Women aren't the only ones who can pretend to have orgasms, according to a new study, which found that even men feign pleasure in bed. ANI

Brain chemical that regulates mood may have anti-diabetic properties
Serotonin - a brain chemical known to help regulate emotion, mood and sleep - might also have anti-diabetic properties, new findings by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center suggest. ANI

A hot steak dinner could cool your man
Want to calm down your hubby after a stressful day? If yes, then you should cook him a steak, say experts.ontrary to popular belief that red meat makes men aggressive, scientists have found that it actually has a calming affect. ANI

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