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Technology News on November 11, 2010

Coming soon: camera that 'sees the invisible'
Chemists from the University of South Carolina are reportedly developing a camera that has the ability to see the invisible - be it bloodstains or any other substances. ANI

New self-cloning lizard found in Vietnamese cuisine
Scientists have found a previously unknown lizard in Vietnam cuisine, does not mate with a male lizard, but reproduces via cloning. ANI

Now, global scheme to boost rice yields while reducing environment damage
Scientists have launched a bold new research initiative that aims to dramatically improve the ability of rice farmers to feed growing populations in some of the world's poorest nations, and prevent the emission of greenhouse gases. ANI

'Swirl tubes' make quiet, fuel-efficient jet planes
MIT researchers found that the swirl tubes were able to generate large amounts of drag without creating much more noise than is found in the average home. ANI

YouTube to 'improve search techniques on site'
YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing site, has introduced its new tool called Topics that improves it capability to search and discover content. ANI

Study finds new risk factor for developing breast cancer
An Aussie research team has identified a new risk factor for developing breast cancer. ANI

Premature death of brain neurons 'may trigger Parkinson's'
Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered that dopamine-releasing neurons in a region of the brain called the substantia nigra lead a lifestyle that requires lots of energy, creating stress that could lead to the neurons' premature death, which causes Parkinson's disease. ANI

The paper plane that flew to the edge of space and came back with snaps!
A British team designed paper plane has successfully flown to the edge of space before flying back to Earth, taking pictures as it descended. ANI

Claming umbilical cord right after birth may injure baby: Expert
A retired consultant obstetrician from the Memorial Hospital in Darlington has urged obstetricians and midwives to wait a few minutes before clamping the umbilical cords of newborn infants so that babies are not harmed by the procedure. ANI

Scientists find comet that uses 'dry ice as jet fuel'
Experts at University of Maryland-led EPOXI mission found that Comet Hartley 2 uses dry ice as a 'jet fuel'. ANI

Minor electric current to brain 'improves stroke patients' motor skills'
A new study states that a non-invasive electric stimulation technique administered to both sides of the brain can help stroke patients who have lost motor skills in their hands and arms. ANI

How the human brain recognizes and retains patterns, images
A team of scientists has discovered that an early part of the brain's visual system rewires itself when people are trained to perceive patterns and has shown this neural learning appears to be independent of higher order conscious visual processing. ANI

Scientists discover how anti-parasitic drug treats tropical diseases
After research of decades, a study has finally found how a key anti-parasitic drug kills the worms brought on by the filarial diseases river blindness and elephantiasis. ANI

Earth witnessed extreme global warming around 40mn yrs ago
A new research by scientists has found that variations in atmosphere carbon dioxide around 40 million years ago were tightly linked to changes in global temperature. ANI

Soon: Electric cars that get charged without electricity!
A Kiwi firm has developed a technology that can charge an electric car with the help of magnetic fields. ANI

Stem cell transplant 'doubles muscle mass'
Researchers at University of Colorado transplanted stem cells into the leg muscles of mice prevented the loss of muscle function and mass that normally occurs with aging - a find that could be used in treating humans with chronic, degenerative muscle diseases. ANI

Depression linked to body's 24-hour clock
A new research has suggested that depression is associated with a molecular-level disturbance in the body's 24-hour clock. ANI

What makes one city better than another?
A research team has concluded that in terms of size, New York is just an average city rather than an exceptional one. However, San Francisco is exceptional. Its inhabitants are wealthier, more productive, more innovative, and subject to fewer crimes than you would expect, given its size. ANI

Research shows similarities between marine and terrestrial predators
Researchers, who examined the interactions between wolves and elk in the United States, as well as sharks and dugongs in Australia, have concluded in a recent study that there may be many similarities between the importance of large predators in marine and terrestrial environments. ANI

NASA reveals Saturn is on a cosmic dimmer switch
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found that Saturn emitted gradually less energy each year from 2005 to 2009, but its southern hemisphere consistently emitted more energy than its northern one. ANI

Study finds marketing strategies of beer 'affect alcohol intake in students'
In a new study, psychologists from the University of Missouri have found that marketing strategies can affect individual behaviours in very significant ways. ANI

Smoking ban leads to major decrease in maternal smoking, pre-term births
A new study revealed that strong smoke-free policies can improve foetal outcomes by significantly reducing the prevalence of maternal smoking. ANI

Developing nations facing 'obesity epidemic'
A global policy group has called on the governments of developing nations to take comprehensive action to tackle the rising incidence of obesity. ANI

New electronic sensor 'better than sniffer dogs' at detecting bombs
Tel Aviv University scientists have developed a new electric sensor that is small, portable, and is more sensitive and reliable at detecting explosives than any sniffer dog. ANI

Dietary intervention in infancy can cut diabetes risk among kids
Dietary intervention in infancy can prevent the initiation of the disease process leading to Type 1 diabetes among high-risk children, a Finnish study has shown. ANI

Mid-aged women with high cholesterol not at risk for Alzheimer
A new Johns Hopkins-led research has found that high cholesterol levels in middle age do not appear to increase women's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia later in life. ANI

Bed rests for pregnant mums may be harmful: Study
A recent study by a nurse has found that prescribed bed rest has a down side for pregnant women. ANI

Sociability 'may lie in our genes'
How well a person performs in a group may be hereditary, according to a new study by University of Edinburgh researchers. ANI

Global dimming threatening Beijing, Delhi the most, warn scientists
Scientists and environmental experts scheduled to attend a UN-sponsored Environment Program in Cancun, Mexico, this month, have warned that "global dimming" is emerging as the latest threat to planet Earth, and added that cities like Beijing and New Delhi lie just beneath atmospheric brown cloud, thought to be caused mainly by the use of wood-burning stoves. ANI

190-mn-yr old 'world's oldest' dino embryos discovered in South Africa
Palaeontologists have discovered the world's oldest known dinosaur embryos that date to the early Jurassic Period 190 million years ago, in South Africa. ANI

Deaf adults 'see better' than hearing people
A new research at the University of Sheffield has revealed that deaf adults can react more quickly to visual cues than those who can hear well. ANI

Extramarital sexual affairs were common in Amazonian cultures
A new study has revealed that in some Amazonian cultures, extramarital sexual affairs were common, and people believed that when a woman became pregnant, each of her sexual partners would be considered part-biological father. ANI

Trojan Horse trick to deliver drugs into brains of stroke patients
Development of a long-sought method with the potential for getting medication through a biological barrier that surrounds the brain, where it may limit the brain damage caused by stroke, has been reported by scientists. ANI

Pregnant mums using paracetamol 'may up risk of childhood asthma'
Team of UK scientists has found an evidence suggesting that the risk of childhood asthma associated with prenatal paracetamol exposure may depend on antioxidant genes in the mother. ANI

Coming soon: Device that wakes up drivers snoozing at the wheel
In an aim to help keep drowsy drivers alert on the road, a team of German scientists have invented a built-in sensor that will sound an alarm the moment it detect their eyelids have closed. ANI

Pleasurable activities like food, s*x cut stress: study
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have said that pleasurable activity, whether food or s*x, reduces stress by inhibiting anxiety responses in the brain. ANI

Genes may influence cancer growth: Study
A study has indicated that the genes we possess not only determine the color of our eyes and hair and how our bodies grow, but they might also influence the changes that occur in tumors when we develop cancer. ANI

Lemon-lime soft drink could boost oral cancer treatment: Study
A popular lemon-lime soft drink could play an unexpected role in improving the effectiveness of an oral anticancer drug, an experiment with artificial stomach has suggested. ANI

How sex-starved males bag females when there aren't too many around
Research from Monash University has indicated that should the should the male Australian desert goby fish find himself infrequently in contact with females, he will pursue any he finds with zeal, regardless of size. ANI

Sweetened drinks up risk of gout in women: Study
A study has revealed that sweetened drinks can increase the risk of gout in women. ANI

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