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Technology News on November 10, 2010

Coming soon: Google's taxi-driver software to guide you through jams!
Ever marvelled at a taxi-driver's knowledge of a city's short cuts? Well, you can now be happy, as soon you would be able to take advantage of that know-how in your own car. ANI

Warming Earth 'could mean more toxins in environment'
There seems to be one more addition to the already known repercussions of global warming-more toxins in the environment, suggests a new research. ANI

Being good with numbers 'can make you rich'
Couples who score well on a simple test of numeracy ability are more likely to earn more wealth by middle age than those who score poorly, suggests a study. ANI

Scientists using ordinary light to trace merging supermassive black holes
Researchers are creating a detailed blueprint for merging black holes using ordinary visible light and existing telescopes. ANI

Gene that triggers human cancer identified
Early cancer diagnostic may now be possible, as researchers have identified the gene responsible for initiating human cancer. ANI

Tobacco carcinogen levels high in kids living with smokers
A new study has found that tobacco-related carcinogens are found in the urine of 90 percent of children who lived in a home where at least one parent smoked, a new study has found. ANI

Menopausal hormone therapy 'ups ovarian cancer risk'
A new study has pointed out that women who had hormone therapy for menopause symptoms may be at a higher risk of ovarian cancer. ANI

2,400 yr-old star table reveals secrets of ancient Egyptian 'star-gazing'
The Ancient Egyptians kept close tabs on the Big Dipper, monitoring changes in the constellation's orientation throughout the course of an entire year, a new research on a 2,400 year old star table has shown. ANI

Global warming cuts available wind energy: Study
A climate researchers at the University of Texas at Austin has found that rising temperatures decrease wind speeds, making for less power bang for the wind turbine buck. ANI

Mountains may offer species 'refuge habitats' during climate change
Swiss researchers have claimed that mountain ranges may represent a 'safer' place to live during changing climate conditions. ANI

'Talking numbers' can improve a child's math skills
Research has revealed that young children's math skills improve when parents talk frequently about numbers. ANI

New DNA model identifies first European farmers
A new study has found that has resolved the age-old issue of the origins of the people who introduced farming to Europe some 8000 years ago. ANI

Now, Twitter chatbot that counters anti-global warming tweets
An Australian software developer has taken on to micro-blogging site Twitter to stop people from spreading incorrect information about global warming. ANI

Undetected high blood pressure 'ups deaths from heart attacks'
A study has established an association between detection of hypertension and death rates from coronary heart disease. ANI

Does 'presenteeism' cost more to employers than absenteeism?
Presenteeism, a word that applies to people who are less productive at work because of health issues, costs employers as much as three times the dollar amount as absenteeism in terms of lost productivity, some scholars have estimated. ANI

Anxiety, stress major factors of depression in women undergoing IVF
A new research from Tel Aviv University has shown that stress, pre-existing depression, and anxiety are more likely than hormone therapy to impact a woman's depression levels when undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). ANI

Growth defects in patients with cystic fibrosis 'may start before birth'
A new study by University of Iowa researchers, using a pig model of cystic fibrosis (CF), has suggested that low levels of a growth promoting hormone at or before birth may contribute to growth defects in patients with cystic fibrosis. ANI

New method of sniffing out 'dirty bombs' revealed
University of Maryland researchers have put forward a new scheme for detecting a concealed source of radioactive material without searching containers one by one. ANI

Young, unsupervised kids 'at highest risk for dog bites'
Scientist has revealed that young, unsupervised children are most at risk for dog bites, usually from family pets and that if they bite once, they will bite again with the second attack often more brutal than the first. ANI

Smallest building blocks of the Sun's magnetic field revealed
Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany have now for the first time uncovered and characterized the smallest building blocks of the Sun's magnetic field. ANI

'Jazzy, colourful' males are the most attractive mates: Study
A study has revealed that the flashier a male, the more attractive a mate he is. ANI

Clot-busting drug 'works best for strokes caused by blood clots'
A study has claimed that the clot-busting drug rt-PA remains the most beneficial proven emergency treatment for strokes caused by blood clots. ANI

Obese teens 'at higher risk of becoming obese adults'
A study suggests that being obese in adolescence increases the risk of being severely obese in adulthood, especially in women. ANI

Mom's smoking during pregnancy ups SIDS risk
A new research has suggested that maternal smoking during pregnancy is a major risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), with nicotine likely as the active agent. ANI

Exercise may cut endometrial cancer risk: Study
A new study has claimed that women who exercised for at least 150 minutes a week are less likely to develop endometrial cancer, regardless of whether they are overweight or not. ANI

Alpha males take greater risks in relationships: Study
Alpha males take greater risks in relationships, reveals a new study from Concordia University. ANI

Soon, houses built out of manmade 'green' coral!
Scientists from several European universities are collaborating to develop a coral that could become an effective, carbon-negative way to "grow" walls. ANI

Antimicrobial products 'toxic for environment, dangerous to human health'
Antimicrobial products like soaps and handwash may promise to kill germs, but a new study has revealed that they may be causing more harm than good - both for humans and the environment. ANI

Long-term statin use 'unlikely to increase cancer risk'
Research has revealed that long-term use of statins is unlikely to substantially increase or decrease overall cancer risk. ANI

Bushcrickets have 'the largest testicles as per body weight'
A study has found that Tuberous Bushcricket (Platycleis affinis) produces testes, which are 14percent of the male body mass, making it a species that has the largest testicles in relation to body weight on the planet. ANI

Diesel could be the 'future green fuel'
A Norwegian company is working to make diesel the new environmentally friendly source of energy. ANI

Protein that causes damage in Alzheimer's disease identified
A new study has suggested that a protein superstructure-amyloid beta-is responsible for the damage in brain caused by Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Over 1,000 tigers killed for skins, bones, claws in last 10 yrs
Parts of as many as 1,069 tigers have been seized in tiger range countries over the past decade, a new report has suggested. ANI

Physical, sexual abuse at young age 'ups diabetes risk in women'
A new study has suggested a co-relation between abuse in childhood and adolescence and the risk of type 2 diabetes in adult women. ANI

Study links adrenal gland hormone to brain hypertension
A new research has discovered that a hormone already responsible for increasing blood pressure by prompting the kidneys to retain salt appears to moonlight as a major stimulator of the brain centers that control the vascular system and blood pressure. ANI

NASA telescope discovers giant bubbles in Milky Way
The NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered a previously unseen structure centered in the Milky Way. ANI

High blood pressure 'causes learning disabilities' in kids
A new study by University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has indicated that children who have hypertension are much more likely to have learning disabilities than children with normal blood pressure. ANI

Teens texting 120 messages a day 'likelier to indulge in s*x, drugs, booze'
A research has found that teenagers who send more than 120 text messages a day are more likely to indulge in s*x, drugs and alcohol. ANI

Solar energy bouncing off pavements 'can melt ice, power streetlights'
Engineering researchers from the University of Rhode Island are examining methods of harvesting solar energy which is radiated off roadways to melt ice, power streetlights, illuminate signs, heat buildings and potentially use it for many other purposes. ANI

350mn-yr-old, 4-legged amphibian's burrow found in Pennsylvania
Researchers have stumbled upon the fossil remains of a burrow belonging to an amphibian that lived 350 million years ago in Pennsylvania. ANI

Sculptures dubbed 'degenerate art' by Hitler's regime to go on display
A collection of sculptures that was captured by Hitler's Nazis and declared 'degenerate art' is set to go on display. ANI

Now, simple test to determine brain health uncovered
Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have been able to use a computer-based test to gauge a person's brain health, according to a new study. ANI

Whales also get sunburns!
A study from the University of London has found that even whales suffer the effects of exposure to strong UV rays, such as blisters and sunburns. ANI

Global oil supplies 'will run out long before substitutes roll out'
A new study based on stock market expectations by the University of California, Davis, has suggested that global oil will run out 90 years before replacement technologies are ready considering at the current pace of research and development. ANI

New discovery brings quantum computers a step closer to reality
Scientists have found that quantum computers should be much easier to build than previously thought, because they can still work with a large number of faulty or even missing components ANI

Kids unhappy at school, home 'likelier to turn to s*x, booze'
A new study from the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University has revealed that children who are unhappy at school or home are much more likely to turn to s*x and alcohol. ANI

Bilingualism can delay onset of Alzheimer's symptoms: Study
Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute has found that speaking two languages can help delay the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms by as much as five years. ANI

What prevents zebrafish from biting off more than it can chew?
A research has given an insight into how a specific circuit of nerve cells functions in the brain of a tiny, translucent juvenile zebrafish, on the hunt for even littler prey. ANI

How protein 'assassin' kills rogue cells in our bodies
A new study has discovered how a protein 'assassin' called perforin punches holes in, and kills, rogue cells in our bodies. ANI

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