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Technology News on November 1, 2010

Here's how one can turn the worst of nightmares into sweet dreams
Nightmares leave most of us waking up scared and dreading the thought of going back to sleep, but researchers have suggested that there is a way by which we can turn these dreams into happy endings. ANI

Screening test for depression in adolescents gets green signal
Screening depression in adolescents would now get easier-thanks to a new test that has been approved by researchers. ANI

'Glowing' plant cells that could control cell growth, death
Researchers have genetically inserted proteins from plants into mammalian cells, which glow when exposed to blue light - resulting in a novel 'on-off switch' that could be used to control cell growth or death. ANI

Potato crisps could end global water woes!
Water extracted from potatoes before turning them into crisps is being proposed as an innovative way to boost water supplies. ANI

Why kids see a bear or a dog when they see a cloud
A new study by Brit scientist has found that children do not see objects in a fully grown-up way until the age of 13. ANI

3000-yr-old axe heads, spear tips found in Essex dig
A collection of Bronze Age axe heads, spear tips and other 3,000-year-old metal objects has been unearthed in Essex. ANI

Mozart's music helps break down sewage!
A German company is monitoring the trial of a sound system that replicates the vibrations and sounds of the concert hall which, when combined with oxygen, helps break down sewage. ANI

Oz researchers discover 'new seahorse species'
Researchers at the James Cook University (JCU) have apparently discovered a tiny new species of seahorse in the north of Queensland. ANI

Silica on mars volcano indicates wet and cozy past on 'Red Planet'
Three billion years old light-coloured piles of hydrated silica on a volcanic cone are the evidence of most recent habitable microenvironments on Mars, observes NASA. ANI

High tech stroke therapy treatment to enter export market
Kiwi developers, who developed a device that may give fresh hope to stroke and brain injury survivors have big plans for their product's entrance into the lucrative export market. ANI

5,000-year-old tomb complex unearthed on Orkney Islands
Archaeologists on Orkney have discovered a 5,000-year-old tomb complex, which contains skulls in it. ANI

'Sleeping on a problem' may be the best way to solve it
A research has suggested that the best way to solve a complicated problem is to distract yourself for a few minutes with something else or sleep on it overnight. ANI

Age 33 is the 'busiest time of our lives'
A survey has suggested that 33 is the age when we are the busiest in our lives, with hardly any time to balance our busy work, family and social activities. ANI

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