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Updates from the world of Science and Technology, research findings and scientific reports for June 17, 2010
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Technology News

Yoga may have the power to fight fibromyalgia
Yoga exercises may have the power to combat fibromyalgia - a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain, according to new research conducted at Oregon Health and Science University. ANI

Underwater robot to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica
An underwater robot is being deployed by researchers at the University of British Columbia to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica from October 17 through November 12. ANI

Electrified nano filter 'to kill 98pc of disease-causing bacteria in water'
Scientists are reporting development and successful initial tests of an inexpensive new filtering technology that kills up to 98 percent of disease-causing bacteria in water in seconds without clogging. ANI

Updates from the world of Science and Technology, research findings and scientific reports for June 17, 2010

Future green cars to literally run with tree in gas tank
Future green cars would run by just putting a tree in the gas tank, at least thats what researchers mean as they look at forest biomass as raw materials for the development of green biofuels and chemicals. ANI

Experts review link between diabetes and cancer
Experts assembled by the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society, have come out with a new consensus statement that reviews emerging evidence that suggests cancer incidence is linked with diabetes as well as certain diabetes risk factors and treatments. ANI

Internet privacy could be improved by fading data
Privacy concerns among Internet users could be reduced if data was allowed to fade over time, suggests research. ANI

Gastric bug genome sequenced
Scientists have sequenced the genome of an Amerindian strain of the gastric bug Helicobacter pylori, confirming the out-of-Africa migration of this bacterial stowaway to the New World. ANI

Solar plane set for test flight in night sky
A plane, called Solar Impulse, which is powered by the suns rays, is all set to go on a test flight at night later this month.he Swiss researchers, led by adventurer Bertrand Piccard, have said that they will try to fly the Solar Impulse nonstop for 24 hours as part of its testing program, reports the Telegraph. ANI

Naturally occuring protein reverses brain damage caused by meningitis
Scientists have discovered an important role for a small, naturally occurring protein called interleukin-10 (IL-10) in removing bacteria from the blood of infected mice and reversing damage to the brain. ANI

Specific blood-derived cells promote survival in heart attack mouse model
In a study with mouse models, scientists found that implanting monocytes - a type of white blood cell that is part of the immune system - helped preserve cardiac function following a heart attack (myocardial infarction). ANI

Pan-STARRS telescope fully operational to spot killer asteroids
Astronomers have announced that the first Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) telescope, PS1, is fully operational. ANI

Defects in immune system enzyme raise arthritis, diabetes risk
Scientists have discovered that rare variants in the gene coding an enzyme that controls the activity of a key immune cell occur more frequently in individuals with autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes. ANI

NASA telescope solves mystery of light flash on Jupiter
Scientists have finally found an explanation for the mysterious burst of light on Jupiter on Jan 3rd. ANI

Micro-polygons - only true identification of genuine dino skin
A new kind of fossil dinosaur skin discovered in South Korea may help sort out the real dinosaur hides from skin-like features in rocks - which actually have nothing to do with dinosaurs. ANI

Blocking activity of certain proteins extend life span in worms by 30pc
Researchers at Stanford Medical School have discovered that blocking the activity of certain proteins can extend the lives of roundworms by up to 30 percent - but only if the worms are fertile. ANI

First genetic risk factors for cerebral malaria in Angolan kids identified
A team of researchers has identified the first genetic risk factors for the development of cerebral malaria in Angolan children, a severe manifestation of malaria infection. ANI

Flowering plants keep tropics cooler, wetter
Researchers have found that flowering plants contribute much more than non flowering plants towards keeping the atmosphere cooler and wetter. ANI

Chemicals that solve one environmental problem may worsen another
Scientists are reporting that chemicals used to revert one environmental disaster, may actually worsen another. ANI

Scientists reveal the secret life of water at very low temperatures
A team of chemists have revealed the coexistence of ice and liquid after water crystallizes at very low temperatures. ANI

Split in Earths crust doesnt always cause volcanic eruptions: Experts
New research reveals that when two parts of the Earths crust break apart, this does not always cause massive volcanic eruptions. ANI

Sexy birds are poor fliers
Birds with the brightest feathers may look stunningly attractive and sexy but they go on to become poor fliers, according to a new study. ANI

Loved ones key to prevention of suicides among men: Study
University of British Columbia researchers suggest that masculine ideals of strength coupled with strong family ties can help men combat depression and overcome thoughts of suicide. ANI

Website offering water CO2 calculator for UK homes launched
A new website has been launched that would help people gauge how much CO2 is being emitted to heat water in their homes. ANI

Fossil evidence challenges Younger Dryas Impact theory
A new study has found evidence against a theory, which claimed that a meteor explosion or impact thousands of years ago caused catastrophic fires over much of North America and Europe and triggered an abrupt global cooling period, called the Younger Dryas. ANI

Enzyme behind baby blues found
Other than loss of estrogen, an increase in levels of enzyme, called monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) in the female brain after giving birth, is what causes baby blues or postpartum depression. ANI

Genetically modified sick pigs created to cure human diseases
Scottish scientists, who created Dolly the cloned sheep, have now produced pigs that are genetically modified to suffer from incurable human diseases - so they can be used by drug companies to test new therapies for human diseases. ANI

75 mn yr oldest tooth-marks reveal mammals feasted on dino-bones
Palaeontologists have discovered tooth marks gouged in the rib bone of a large dinosaur by a mammal that lived 75 million years ago. ANI

Early human ancestors brain food - crocs, fish and hippos!
Our early ancestors, living in what is now northern Kenya, feasted on fish and other aquatic animals such as turtles and crocodiles - foods which probably played a major role in the development of a larger, more human-like brain, new research reveals. ANI

Effect of alcohol on foetus development not clear, say researchers
According to a review, there has been little progress in understanding the effects of alcohol on foetal development during pregnancy. ANI

Malaria cases increase when Amazon forests are cut
Scientists have found a link between increased incidence of malaria and land-use practices in the Amazon. ANI

Gene mutation ups blood-clot risk in women taking breast cancer treatment
A gene mutation can dramatically increase the risk of blood clots in women undergoing breast cancer therapy. ANI

Bones found in Italian church belong to Caravaggio
Italian researchers have come across bones of a human in a Tuscany church that they believe mostly belong to Renaissance artist Caravaggio. ANI

AIDS drugs block 99pc of HIV transmission to breastfed babies
AIDS-fighting antiretroviral drug combinations given to pregnant and breastfeeding women in Botswana, Africa, prevented 99 percent of the mothers from transmitting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to their infants, scientists found. ANI

Why some people find it harder to give up salt
Struggling to cut salt out of your diet? Well, blame your genes then, says a new study. ANI

Symptoms of male menopause identified
A team of researchers has for the first identified the symptoms linked to what has been termed late-onset hypogonadism or male menopause caused by a reduction in testosterone production in ageing men. ANI

Peptide that triggers diabetes in mice identified
The precise protein fragment, or peptide, that can trigger diabetes in mice has been identified, thanks to researchers at National Jewish Health and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. ANI

Triple-punch gene therapy offers hope to AIDS patients
A triple-punch gene therapy, which endows human stem cells with three ways to resist HIV, has successfully cleared its first safety test in humans. ANI

Space shuttles rudders may harbour silent aircraft secrets
Aircrafts could be turned less noisy, if only designers make some changes in space shuttle rudders. ANI

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