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Google's knows what you want to wear before you do!

December 25, 2010 - Washington

Google has launched a shopping search engine to not only make it easier to find clothes you like, but to actually predict what those clothes will be.

The site, called, is organized into a series of 'boutiques,' which aggregate clothing from more than 250 designers and online stores, reports

The online pages are curated by bloggers, fashion people, actresses (or their stylists), designers and, to a degree, you.

The visual-search technology behind the online fashion aggregators teach the computer how to "look" for clothes in your style.

While the boutiques are interesting, it's the potential of the visual-search technology to make online shopping an intuitive experience that stands out.

The idea is that the machine will know what you want before you do.

This is particularly exciting to those of us masochistic enough to insist on having specific items in mind when we look for clothes.


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