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Technology News on December 6, 2010

'The Social Network' got basic things wrong, says Facebook founder
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who unveiled changes to member profile pages on Sunday, said the movie 'The Social Network' got basic things wrong about the origins of the site. ANI

300 pandas raised in critical breeding breakthrough in China
In a critical breakthrough, conservationists in China have successfully raised 300 pandas in captivity. ANI

Climate change 'causing wildfires to burn more fiercely'
Climate change is causing wildfires to burn more fiercely, pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than previously thought, reveals a new study. ANI

Study of how certain genes are activated yields surprising discovery
A new study, led by an Indian-origin boffin, may change the way scientists think about the way cellular processes are synchronized. ANI

New technique recovers 'unrecyclable' ciggie packs, milk cartons, stickers
A Thai firm has developed a technology that can recover pulp from laminated and other paper previously impossible to recycle. ANI

Rivers cut deep notches in Swiss Alps' broad glacial valleys: Study
A new study sheds light on the processes that formed steep inner gorges in the broad glacial valleys of the Swiss Alps. ANI

Multiple sclerosis 'could be reversed by activating stem cells in brain'
A new study has suggested that the damage caused by multiple sclerosis could be reversed by activating stem cells that can repair injury in the central nervous system. ANI

Cancer cells can be 'burned up' using magnetic pulses
Scientists have developed a new technique known as hyperthermia therapy, which they hope will allow them to target cancer cells in the body and kill them without harming the surrounding tossed or causing the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy. ANI

How did the giant panda lose its taste for flesh?
A new research has explained how the giant panda lost its taste for flesh. ANI

Computer games 'use psychological ploys to keep players hooked'
A new investigation has revealed that computer games contain influential psychological devices that make some people play compulsively. ANI

Why babies born in summer have sunnier dispositions
The season in which a baby is born can have a dramatic effect on their biological clocks function, according to a new study. ANI

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