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Technology News on December 5, 2010

Google to launch its Google Editions e-reader service in US this year
The launch of Google Editions, the search giant's foray into the world of e-book retailing, is expected to take place in the United States by the end of the year, with international availability following in January, the company confirmed. ANI

Scientists develop drought tolerant rice
A new breakthrough study by scientists has led to the development of a rice crop that is not only drought tolerant but high yielding despite the lack of water. ANI

Youth deal with neighbourhood violence in diverse ways
A new University of Chicago study has shown that violent experiences cause teens growing up in dangerous neighbourhoods to adopt a range of coping strategies to avoid violence, with notable impact whether the violence takes place at home, among friends or during police incidents. ANI

How to go for safe online shopping
With becoming a faster and easier way to buy stuff, keeping computers, identities and credit cards safe is vital. ANI

Doctor Who's trusted sonic screwdriver could become a real-life tool
For all those fans of Doctor Who's who have dreamed of owning a sonic screwdriver of their own after watching their hero use the tool to get himself out of many sticky situations, there's a reason to celebrate. ANI

Why teens are less sensitive to alcohol than adults
It is well known that teens are less sensitive than adults to the motor-impairing effects of alcohol, but exactly what happens in the brain that causes teens to be less sensitive than adults is not clear. ANI

Listening to music benefits patients on mechanical ventilation
A team of Cochrane researchers has revealed the benefits of listening to music for patients on mechanical ventilation. ANI

Promising new approach to blocking malaria transmission
A new research has offered a promising new approach to blocking malaria transmission. ANI

Rubik's Cube robo solves puzzle in 15 seconds!
Students at Rowan University College of Engineering have created a Rubik's Cube robot that solves the iconic 80s toy puzzle with as few as 17 turns in 15 seconds. ANI

IVF 'does not increase risk of cancer'
A new study from the University of Lund in Sweden has shown that fertility treatment such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) does not increase a woman's risk of cancer despite the hormones used. ANI

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