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Technology News on December 4, 2010

When Winona Ryder tested Johnny Depp's patience
Winona Ryder tested Johnny Depp's patience on the set of 'Edward Scissorhands' when she complained about the heat, while the latter was stuck in his tight costume. ANI

Breakthrough treatment 'can help kids beat recurring leukaemia'
Scientists have developed a breakthrough treatment that can help children beat recurring leukaemia. ANI

Osteoporosis drug improves survival in cancer patients
A new study, conducted by British researchers, has found that a drug to prevent bone thinning helps some cancer patients to live longer. ANI

Prince Charles defends 'climategate' scientists
The Prince of Wales, Charles, has come out in support of the British scientists embroiled in the "Climategate" saga, describing their treatment as "appalling". ANI

Diabetics 'risk blindness with just two drinks a day'
Scientists from Utrecht University have found that diabetics who drink just two glasses of wine a day may be at greater risk of losing their sight. ANI

New standard treatment for br*ast cancer at early stages established
Spanish Oncology has established a new standard treatment for br*ast cancer at early stages, thanks to the results of a new study. ANI

New mice study offers hope in the fight against Alzheimer's
In a new study, scientists found that dynamic regulation of the chaperone protein Hsp27 is required to get rid of abnormally accumulating tau in the brains of mice genetically modified to develop the memory-choking tau tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Anaesthetic gasses also contribute to global warming: Scientists
Atmosphere scientists have warned that anaesthetic gasses that are conveniently used during surgeries have a global warming potential. ANI

New high-performance fiber promises better bulletproof vests, airplanes
Northwestern University researchers have created a new kind of fibre that could be tougher than Kevlar. ANI

Culprits in life-threatening clotting disorder uncovered
Individuals with a potentially life-threatening condition predisposing them to blood clots, or thrombosis, might someday receive therapy to prevent the condition, thanks to new findings by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers. ANI

How cannabis dampens the body's immune system
A new study, involving an Indian-origin boffin, has explained how cannabis dampens the body's immune system. ANI

World's 1st high performance infrared camera created
Researchers at the Northwestern University have created world's first high performance infrared camera based on Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattices. ANI

Information technology could help prevent, treat depression
Information technology and data mining techniques can be used to improve the diagnosis and treatment of depression, suggests a new study. ANI

New discovery shows promise against non-small cell lung cancer
Scientists have discovered a mechanism in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells that contributes to their ability to maintain and grow tumors. ANI

Can human waste be used as a power source in space?
A satellite experiment will test if human feces can be a fuel source in space. ANI

Solar wind contains more oxygen than previously believed
The solar oxygen abundance may be slightly higher than other recent studies have found, say researchers. ANI

It's official: Men are hornier than women
Innumerable studies have gone into finding out 'reality of the male s*x drive', but now a new study claims that men really are 'hornier' than women. ANI

'Attraction chemicals' pheromones do not exist, claims scientist
Pheromones-the mysterious chemical signals that 'trigger attraction'-do not even exist, a scientist has claimed. ANI

Imagining stressful situations 'gives confidence to survive them'
Thinking about a crisis situation, especially violent ones, helps the brain respond more efficiently during an emergency, suggests a new study. ANI

Artificial tornadoes developed to test Japanese homes
In an effort to understand how extreme weather causes structural damage, some Japanese companies have developed artificial tornadoes. ANI

Tiny gold and silver nanoparticles could revolutionize optics
Scientists in the US and Mexico have created tiny spherical particles of gold and silver that are more than 100 million times smaller than the gold and silver baubles used to decorate seasonal fir trees. ANI

Exploding stars reveal never-before seen patterns
Astronomers have for the first time, observed post star explosion pauses, flickers and flares- patterns that aren't yet accounted for in our current understanding of how these eruptions occur. ANI

New 'poison' discovery could pave way for leukaemia therapy
Research led by Weill Cornell Medical College revealed that newly identified mutant enzymes in AML create a chemical poison to cause leukaemia. ANI

JavaScript can allow anyone to access your web-surfing history
A new study has shown that your web surfing history is easily accessible without your permission - through JavaScript code. ANI

Stretching and smashing fluids to understand the physics of flow
Researchers have used new methods to try to understand the flow properties of concentrated solutions of particles in fluids of everyday use products like toothpaste and cosmetics. ANI

Trapped ice reveals changing trends of biomass burning over 650 yrs
A new study has shown that carbon monoxide trapped in a column of Antarctic ice spanning 650 years reveals fluctuations in biomass burning-the consumption of wood, peat and other materials in wildfires, cooking fires and communal fires-in the Southern Hemisphere. ANI

How humans 'reach for something' using 'brain maps'
A new study at UC Santa Barbara explains how humans reach out for different things - be it reaching out to a dance partner or a glass of water in the night - the brain uses different "maps" to plan for each of these movements. ANI

New technology desalinates water and produces electricity simultaneously
Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science have discovered a way to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrogen and treat wastewater. ANI

Botox jabs 'cause muscles to waste away into fat'
Scientists gave warned that botox injections - used by millions every year to banish wrinkles and plump-up lips - may cause muscles to waste away into fat. ANI

Nicotine exposure in pregnancy 'puts offspring at learning disabilities risk'
A new research in rats has found that exposure to nicotine during pregnancy leads to a decrease in adult stem cells and a change in synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus of the offspring. ANI

Electronic ciggies pose health risks: Study
Electronic cigarettes, which are increasingly used worldwide, are unsafe and pose health risks, according to a new study. ANI

Fear of being envied makes people act more helpfully toward others
While success is a nice thing to have, it comes with a disadvantage - it makes you worry that the jealous people will try to bring you down. ANI

Women who sunbathe regularly 'live longer'
A leading cancer specialist has claimed that women who regularly sunbathe live longer. ANI

Shuttle Discovery launch targeted for no earlier than Feb 3
Space shuttle Discovery will not be launched before Feb 3 at 1:34 a.m. EST, NASA managers have said. ANI

New food security report for Asia launched in Mumbai
A new food security report for Asia has been launched in Mumbai by The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Asia Society, calling for increased investment in rice research. ANI

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