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Technology News on December 31, 2010

Facebook paedophile poses as new classmate to groom UK schoolkids
A suspected paedophile has been attempting to groom UK schoolchildren on social networking site Facebook by posing as their new classmate. ANI

Playing new 3DS in 3-D mode may damage kids' eyes, says Nintendo
Video game company Nintendo has issued a warning that children, who are 6 years old and younger, should not play its new 3DS in 3-D mode as it could damage their eyes. ANI

Mediterranean diet keeps the brain fit
A new study has revealed that a Mediterranean diet could be the secret to keeping your brain in good working order in old age. ANI

Universal cell phone charger could be available in 2011
The 14 most prominent mobile manufacturers have been sent details by the European Commission of a new standard for charger that will be useable across a range of smart phones. ANI

New device to accelerate cleanup of nuclear-contaminated sites
Cleanup of sites with radioactive contamination is set to become faster, more accurate and less expensive, thanks to Oregon State University researchers who have invented a new type of radiation detection and measurement device. ANI

New tool to predict killer syndrome in lung transplant patients
Scientists at University of Michigan have developed a new tool that could prevent a debilitating, fatal condition that causes scar tissue to build up in the lungs and chokes off the ability to breathe in patients undergoing lung transplant. ANI

Earth's ancient marine life could reveal what triggers mass extinctions
A new study has found that an influx of invasive species can hinder the natural evolution of new species and trigger mass extinction events. ANI

Golden retriever could hold key to treating muscular dystrophy
Ringo, a golden retriever, suffers from muscular dystrophy but appears to be immune to its debilitating effects - causing scientists to believe that he may be the key to treating the illness. ANI

Brit experts complete A-Z botanical database of 1.25mn plants
Botany experts from the UK and US have compiled the most comprehensive plant list to date - the team has completed database of every plant name on the planet - all 1.25 million of them. ANI

New genetic variants linked to height identified
A new study has identified uncommon and previously unknown genetic variants that determine how tall a person will be. ANI

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