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Technology News on December 3, 2010

Proteins, like people, act differently when packed together
Researchers are pursuing a remarkable parallel that, they believe, exists among the proteins involved in health and disease inside living cells. ANI

Mums' exposure to farm animals during pregnancy cuts atopic dermatitis risk in kids
Swiss researchers have revealed that women who spend their pregnancy period in the proximity of farm animals and cats have children with a reduced risk of developing atopic dermatitis in their first two years of life. ANI

Stigma deters people with alcoholism from seeking treatment
A new Columbia University study has found that that people diagnosed with alcoholism are more than 60 percent less likely to seek treatment if they believe they would be stigmatized once their status is known. ANI

Electrified nano filter kills up to 98pc of bacteria in water in seconds
Scientists have developed a new, inexpensive filtering technology that kills up to 98 percent of disease-causing bacteria in water in seconds without clogging. ANI

'Perfumery radar' to bring order to odour classification
Perfumes are often described as 'floral', 'citrus', 'woody' or 'oriental' but experts still describe the same smell with different words that often are arbitrary. Not any more, hopefully. ANI

Study predicts occurrence of neutron star collision in local galaxies
A collision of neutron stars should produce detectable gravitational waves - now a study from the University of California, Santa Cruz, predicts for the first time where such mergers are likely to occur in the local galactic neighbourhood. ANI

How Neolithic farmers and hunter-gatherers fought for space
A new research details a physical model, which can potentially explain how the spreading of Neolithic farmers was slowed down by the population density of hunter-gatherers. ANI

New protein analysis technique may help in early diagnosis of lung cancer
SomaLogic researchers have described a new approach that may help in early detection of lung cancer. ANI

Web bug allows p*rn sites to hijack history files of visitors
A study has found that a web bug that allows sites to hijack the history files of visitors is being used by p*rn websites. ANI

Mechanism that turns healthy cells into prostate cancer cells discovered
Researchers at the University of California have found a protein that is crucial for regulating the self-renewal of normal prostate stem cells, needed to repair injured cells or restore normal cells killed by hormone withdrawal therapy for cancer, also aids the transformation of healthy cells into prostate cancer cells. ANI

Earth running out of room to expand fisheries: Study
A University of British Columbia study has suggested that the Earth has run out of room to expand fisheries. ANI

Blood vessel dysfunction linked to heart disease also plays role in Alzheimer's
A new study has suggested that a dysfunction in the lining of blood vessels that is linked to cardiovascular illness also plays a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Physicists create supernova in a jar
University of Toronto and Rutgers University physicists have mimicked the explosion of a supernova in miniature. ANI

New prostate cancer imaging technique can 'see' tumors grow
With the help of a new imaging technique, scientists have found a way to measure aggressiveness and growth of prostate cancer tumors in real time. ANI

Polluted air 'ups obesity risk in young animals'
A new research showed that exposure to polluted air early in life led to an accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance in mice even if they ate a normal diet. ANI

Energy drinks work when consumed moderately
A new study has revealed that moderate consumption of energy drinks can improve people's response time on a lab test measuring behavioral control, but those benefits disappear as people drink more of the beverage. ANI

Evolution on Earth was quickened by heat: Study
Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that the time required for evolution on a warm Earth is shorter than critics might expect. ANI

New process improves solar cell efficiency by 20pc
A new process that improves the efficiency of polymer solar cells by 20 percent by increasing light absorption is the latest feat in solar technology, achieved by researchers from Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory. ANI

New discovery could shrink dengue-spreading mosquito population
University of California researchers have identified a microRNA in female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that when deactivated disrupts the mosquito's blood digestion and egg development. ANI

Soya beans could be an effective treatment for fatal childhood disease
A naturally occurring chemical found in soy could prove to be an effective new treatment for a fatal genetic disease that affects children, according to University of Manchester scientists. ANI

Mathematical techniques could help forecast earthquakes
Researchers have used mathematical techniques to find patterns when medium-large earthquakes happen, i.e. earthquakes greater than 4.4, on the Richter scale. ANI

How to remain calm and happy in the age of anxiety
In times where we face numerous pressures - of love, work, family and money, it has become increasingly important not to be held hostage by our anxiety and remain calm. ANI

Now, super rubber that does things science says rubber never can do
Japanese scientists have created a new kind of carbon-based rubber that conducts electricity, could withstand extreme temperatures of space and even eventually power your iPod. ANI

NASA researchers discover arsenic-based life form on Earth
A new research has changed the fundamental knowledge about what comprises all known life on Earth. ANI

Forget good looks, it's gut bacteria that 'influence choice of mate'
New research has indicated that symbiotic bacteria inside a fruit fly greatly influence its choice of mates. ANI

Quitting smoking improves mood: Study
Conventional wisdom says many smokers use cigarettes to ease anxiety and depression. But a new study has shown that quitting makes people happier. ANI

Incest puts an end to sexual violence among animals
A new study has revealed that incest among animals helps put an end to sexual violence.n some species, competition between males can mean that females are harmed during copulation. ANI

Why losers will never make good leaders
A new study has suggested that people who are deemed social misfits or 'losers' are ineffective leaders, even if they are fighting for a cause that would benefit a larger group. ANI

Genetic switch may explain 'intersex disorder'
In some families, a child is born as a son, but develops physically as a female, although she may not menstruate, and her brothers and male cousins may have underdeveloped or ambiguous genitalia. ANI

Why dementia sufferers have memory problems
A new research from the University of Cambridge has revealed that memory difficulties such as those seen in dementia may arise because the brain forms incomplete memories that are more easily confused. ANI

Smoking can reduce thickness of the brain
A new study has found that smoking can reduce the thickness of the human brain. ANI

Radar images from space shuttle reveal Egypt's lost great lake
Geologists have found that a huge lake waxed and waned deep in the sandy heart of the Egyptian Sahara. ANI

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