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Technology News on December 29, 2010

Study on ancient Tel Aviv fortress sheds light on its past
A new research on an ancient fortress in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, is offering new insights into its past. ANI

Protein that helps parasite survive in host cells identified
Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified a protein that helps parasite survive in host cells. ANI

Galileo pathfinder GIOVE-A still working well after 5 years in space
The first prototype satellite of Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system-ESA's GIOVE-A-is still working well after five years in space. ANI

Potential new target for hepatitis C drug development identified
Scientists have discovered a molecular interaction between a structural hepatitis C virus protein (HCV) and a protein critical to viral replication. ANI

Scientists tackle major obstacle in developing breathalyzers
Researchers at Purdue and National Institute of Standards and Technology have tackled a major barrier in developing breath-analysis technology to diagnose patients by detecting chemical compounds called "biomarkers" in a person's respiration in real time. ANI

SOHO reaches milestone after spotting 2000th comet
An ESA/NASA spacecraft has reached a milestone- the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has spotted its 2000th comet. ANI

Extinct Jamaican bird clobbered rivals with club-like wings
Yale University researchers have discovered that an extinct Jamaican bird used its club-like wings to clobber rivals during fights. ANI

Our political outlook is hardwired into our brain: Study
A study from University College London has revealed that our political leanings are hardwired into our brain. ANI

New 'super' computer that's greener, 20 times faster than desktop PCs
Scientists at the University of Glasgow have developed an ultra-fast computer chip, which is 20 times faster than regular desktop computers. ANI

'Midas touch' gene that makes people brilliant businessmen discovered
Some people exhibit an exceptionally brilliant business sense, which may be a result of a particular gene they possess - says a new study. ANI

Criminal behaviour could be 'all in the genes'
Is a life of crime hereditary? Apparently, it is, says a new research carried out in the US. ANI

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