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Technology News on December 28, 2010

Amazon patents procedure that will allow recipients to avoid unwanted gifts
Online retailer has come up with a procedure, which will allow recipients to avoid undesirable gifts and save millions of dollars spent on repacking, labelling and shipping. ANI

Human protein slows muscle damage in muscular dystrophy mice
A new study has found that a novel potential therapy based on a natural human protein significantly slows muscle damage and improves function in mice who have the same genetic mutation as boys with the most common form of muscular dystrophy. ANI

Pacific colonisation more recent and rapid than previously thought
A new research has suggested that East Polynesia was colonised by humans more recently, and faster, than previously thought. ANI

Colourful ancient rock art in Western Australia 'is alive'
Researchers have found that a particular type of ancient rock art in Western Australia maintains its vivid colours because it is alive. ANI

How bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics
Researchers are trying to uncover the secrets of one of nature's most primitive immune systems by studying how bacteria incorporate foreign DNA from invading viruses into their own regulatory processes. ANI

Structure of immune system's key molecule offers clues for designing drugs
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Utrecht University have deciphered a key step in an evolutionarily old branch of the immune response. ANI

Life in Scotland during Middle Ages 'not as bad as popularly portrayed'
Historians have said that life in Scotland during the Middle Ages was not quite as bad as people might believe and was no worse than life in any other European country. ANI

Era of first fast growth of the most massive black holes determined
Scientists from the Tel Aviv University have determined that the era of first fast growth of the most massive black holes occurred when the universe was only about 1.2 billion years old - not two to four billion years old as popularly thought. ANI

16th century diagrams detail world's first ever nose jobs
Cosmetic surgery is a modern luxury for celebrities like Heidi Montag and Joan Rivers. ANI

New yeast strain 'cuts major drawbacks of biofuel production methods'
Scientists at the University of California University of Illinois, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the energy company BP have found a new yeast strain that eliminates many major shortcomings of current biofuel production methods. ANI

Mums' social problems affect their kids-even in birds
A new study has suggested that the social environment of mother quails has a direct influence on the growth and the behaviour of their young. ANI

'Batman' movies inspire real-world tank design
Researchers have taken inspiration from the Batman movies to design seven new conceptual vehicles that may help fight crime. ANI

Shattered glass can tell a lot about future climate change
Scientists have found that when dirt breaks apart in the atmosphere, it follows a pattern similar to broken glass and other brittle objects. ANI

400,000-yr-old remains show 'humans evolved from Middle East, not Africa'
A new discovery of 400,000-yr-old human remains has raised doubts as to whether the first humans evolved out of Africa, as the popular theory goes, or elsewhere. ANI

Teeth remains indicate Neanderthals' meat-only diet is a myth
Neanderthals were always thought to be non-vegetarians who enjoyed nothing but meat. However, a new find indicates otherwise. ANI

Tanning beds still popular despite skin cancer risk
A new study has revealed that few tanners-male or female-mention avoiding tanning beds when asked about ways to reduce skin cancer risk. ANI

How oestrogen can make you smarter
Northwestern Medicine researchers have discovered how oestrogen physically works in brain cells to boost mental performance. ANI

Our body clocks determine how much fat we burn
A new study could explain why people burn fat more efficiently at certain times of day. ANI

Now, a cocktail vending machine that dishes out Mojitos every 30 seconds
Long waits before you get your cocktails ready and served may become a thing of the past, thanks to a new machine that dispenses icy cocktails at speed from a bar tap. ANI

Want to stop daydreaming? Have s*x!
We often find ourselves drifting away while at work or studying but experts have said that it's bad for health - and now the best way to avoid daydreaming is to make love, it seems. ANI

How some fish can stay on land up to 2 months!
Some species of fish can stay alive for up to two months on land - it's because of their skin, a new study has suggested. ANI

Mild painkillers in pregnancy 'cause poor quality semen, cancer in sons'
A new study has suggested that use of mild painkillers during pregnancy may be a reason for the increase in male reproductive disorders in recent decades. ANI

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