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Technology News on December 27, 2010

How formulas influence infant's weight gain, obesity risk
Weight gain of formula-fed infants is influenced by the type of formula the infant is consuming, new findings from the Monell Center have revealed. ANI

How laughter can make you snooze 100 times a day!
Laughter may be the best medicine, but for some, it's nothing less than a disorder - a sleep disorder called narcolepsy can send a person into an instant slumber without warning if you laugh. ANI

AIDS immunity is all in the proteins!
It is the proteins which help some HIV infected people not end up having AIDS, a new study has suggested. ANI

Newly sequenced strawberry genome decoded
Better and tastier quality of strawberry and other crops in the family could be on their way as an international team of scientists has sequenced the genome of the woodland strawberry. ANI

Child neglect as harmful as physical or sexual abuse: Study
An Australian study has pointed out that child neglect could be as harmful to children's cognitive development as physical and sexual abuse. ANI

17-year-old mystery of 'starvation hormone' solved
A 17-year-old mystery about how the so-called 'starvation hormone' affects multiple biological systems, including preventing insulin sensitivity and promoting cell survival, may have been solved by the new findings by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers. ANI

New chocolate genome sequence could make 'food of the gods' better
An international team of scientists has identified a variety of gene families that may help improve the production of the high quality chocolate. ANI

New genetic links in diabetes drug could pave way for better treatment
A commonly used diabetes drug has been found to have unexplored genetic links, which could pave way for new and better treatments, say scientists. ANI

Brain structure may determine humans' social network size
A tiny structure in the human brain may determine a rich and varied social life among humans. ANI

How physics keeps women in high heels from tipping over
Ever wondered how ramp models manage to walk in 10-inch heels without tipping over? The answer lies in physics, it seems. ANI

Caffeinated drinks linked to increased risk of gout attacks
People who drink caffeinated drinks are at an increased risk of recurrent gout attacks, suggests a new study. ANI

Plenty of s*x means longer lives for men!
An active s*x life is the key to a longer life for men only if they are faithful to their partners, a new research has found. ANI

Pregnancy-related morning sickness could be hereditary
Women whose sisters experienced extreme morning sickness, are 17 times more likely to develop the condition, suggests a new study. ANI

Knowing genetic makeup can make you more receptive to lifestyle changes
A small dose of your genetic information is likely to make you more sensitive towards weight loss and exercise, reveals a new study. ANI

Now, generate green power from your balcony!
Apart from that perfect view, your balcony can be used for something more valuable-a personal generator that converts wind and sun to power from a balcony. ANI

'Star Wars' 3D holograms may soon be a reality
The 3D hologram you saw in 'Star Wars' may soon become a reality, thanks to a new breakthrough made by researchers at the University of Arizona. ANI

Lack of sleep 'affects extroverts the most'
A study has revealed that outgoing people are affected the most by lack of sleep. ANI

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