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Technology News on December 26, 2010

Icicle shape stranger than previously thought
A new Canadian research has found that subtle differences in wind and water can produce icicles with strange shapes. ANI

Levytator - the moving staircase that can glide round corners!
For escalators, it's no longer just up and down. A newly invented moving staircase, called Levytator, will be able to twist, bend, spiral and even snake around sharp corners. ANI

Holiday spirit stirs up allergies
The holidays are supposed to be some of the happiest times of the year. But dust from boxes of stored decorations, fresh trees, scented air fresheners, live plants and more can cause all sorts of allergies. ANI

Can apps help us keep our New Year's resolutions?
Today there is an app for almost everything, from losing weight to finding a job. Can any of them help us keep our New Year's resolutions? ANI

Chronic statin therapy linked to reduced postoperative mortality
A new French study has found that statin therapy is associated with reduced postoperative mortality. ANI

Holidays can be deadly for those who don't have friends and family
Holidays bring happiness to most people, but it is a lonely and depressing time for those who have no company. ANI

New technology to recycle most challenging Christmas plastic wrapping
University of Warwick researchers have developed a new technology that could process 100 percent of Christmas and other household plastic instead of the tiny fraction that currently gets recycled. ANI

Exercise and vitamin D help reduce the risk of falls in seniors
Exercise and Vitamin D supplements are the best ways to reduce the risk of falling in people aged 65 and over, a systematic review of over 50 clinical trials has found. ANI

Spinal 'Botox' jab could relieve pain
A new study has found that Botulinum neurotoxin type A (BoNT/A)-better known as Botox-reduces responses to an inflammation-related pain stimulus when injected into the spinal canal in mice. ANI

Now, NASA's rover to blast Mars rocks with laser
NASA's next rover will blast Martian rocks with a rock-zapping laser instrument. ANI

Genetic variant 'triples odds of cocaine abuse'
A new study has revealed that nearly one in five whites could carry a genetic variant that substantially increases their odds of being susceptible to severe cocaine abuse. ANI

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