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Technology News on December 25, 2010

How ancient penguins got their cold-weather coats
Palaeeudyptes-one of the 'giant' penguins that lived during the Oligocene, about 28 million years ago-may have evolved a means of retaining heat when they were still living in warm climates, reveals a new study. ANI

Solar-powered hornet that turns light into electricity found
A new study has revealed that the oriental hornet has built-in 'solar cells' that generate electricity from sunlight-a first in the animal kingdom. ANI

Pentagon wants to equip troops with Terminator-vision
US soldiers may soon be able to see dangers lurking behind them in real time, and be able to tell if an object a kilometre away is a walking stick or an AK-47. Pentagon researchers are considering giving them terminator vision. ANI

Google's knows what you want to wear before you do!
Google has launched a shopping search engine to not only make it easier to find clothes you like, but to actually predict what those clothes will be. ANI

First X-ray images of lightning captured
Scientists say they have captured the first X-ray images of a lightning strike with the help of a, well, lightning-fast camera. ANI

US meat company converts waste animal fat into renewable diesel fuel
The world's largest meat company, Tyson Foods, has entered a partnership to process waste animal fat to a renewable diesel fuel. ANI

Navy launches first fighter jet that uses electromagnetism, not steam
The US naval force has launched for the first time, a fighter jet that uses the force of electromagnetism instead of steam power to fly. ANI

New find: brain tumours in fruit fly mimic genetic program of germline cells
Scientists have discovered that some brain tumours in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster mimic the genetic program of germline cells to grow. ANI

New MRSA strain found on Isle of Man
A new strain of the superbug Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that predominately affects young, fit and healthy people has been detected on the Isle of Man. ANI

Extroverts 'more likely to jump on immediate gratification'
If you meet two people-one who is an extrovert and another an introvert-the former is more likely to jump on immediate gratification, while the latter would delay rewards and invest the dough in hopes of a larger payoff down the road, reveals a new study. ANI

'Eternal' solar plane Zephyr confirmed record-breaker
The UK-built solar-powered plane Zephyr, dubbed 'eternal plane', has been officially announced a record breaker following its feat of non-stop flight for two weeks. ANI

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