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Technology News on December 24, 2010

Protein involved in melanoma's development identified
Scientists have discovered a protein involved in early steps of development of melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer. ANI

New approach to study potentially deadly disease-causing bacteria
Scientists have developed a new approach to study potentially deadly disease-causing bacteria, which could help speed up the process of finding vaccines. ANI

New invention could improve cancer drug delivery
A new way to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer tissues in controlled doses without harming healthy body cells has been found by University of Arizona researchers. ANI

Study digs for climate history beneath Dead Sea
Tel Aviv University is heading an international study that for the first time will dig deep beneath the Dead Sea, 500 meters (about a third of a mile) down under 300 meters (about a fifth of a mile) of water. ANI

Stem cells derived from fat cells could be useful in tissue reconstruction
Two new studies have suggested that stem cells derived from adipose (fat) cells could be used in plastic surgery and tissue reconstruction. ANI

'Asteroid' found 100 years ago could be an extinct comet
New observations have suggested that an asteroid discovered more than 100 years ago may not be an asteroid at all, but an extinct comet that is coming back to life. ANI

Mystery of a double rainbow revealed
Twitter was in a flurry over a double rainbow that formed over Los Angeles last night. ANI

Ancient rediscovered text 'Revelation of the Magi' calls Christ a 'star-child'
An ancient rediscovered text called 'Revelation of the Magi' tells a very different version of the Three Wise Men's journey to Bethlehem. ANI

Emotional intelligence quotient higher in private than public sector
Research from University of Haifa has shown that the levels of emotional intelligence in private sectors are higher as compared to those in public sectors, and therefore, empower positive attitudes towards the workplace and decrease negative behaviour. ANI

First high-temp spin-field-effect transistor developed
Texas A and M University physicist Jairo Sinova has achieved a breakthrough in semiconductor nanoelectronics - he has announced the development of an electrically controllable device whose functionality is based on an electron's spin. ANI

Vaccine to tackle meningitis 'just a year away'
Experts have tested a new vaccine for meningitis B, the strain against which there is currently no defense. ANI

Set-up of Indian Ocean tsunami warning system completed
Six years after the tsunami disaster of December 2004, the set-up of the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean (GITEWS) has been completed. ANI

Eating 'nutritious' bugs may ease world's food crisis: Dutch scientist
How about having bugs on your dinner plate? Well, it may sound disgusting but the world's food crisis could be eased if Westerners included insects in their diet to make up some of their protein needs, suggests a Dutch scientist. ANI

New solar fuel device that 'mimics plant life'
Scientists have unveiled a prototype solar device that mimics plant life, turning the Sun's energy into fuel. ANI

Children's skeletons with throats slit, chests opened found in Peru
According to a new study, 82 skeletons, some of which are of children, have been discovered in Peru. Some of these are with signs of throats slit and chests opened. ANI

Top science news stories of 2010
2010 was a turbulent time for the world in terms of the natural calamities that occurred but it was also a year that hailed major scientific discoveries that would change the way we live. Here are the top science stories of 2010: ANI

Babies as young as seven months old can 'read minds'
Babies as young as seven months old can take into consideration the perspective of others, according to a new study. ANI

Strength and stealth, not good looks, rule in evolutionary mating game
One might consider physical appearances to be the top priority for getting a mate, but that's not true, according to a new study. ANI

Users at risk of IE bug, warns Microsoft
Microsoft has issued a warning about an Internet Explorer bug that might hack into and take control of unprotected computers. ANI

Scientists can now control building blocks of super-fast quantum computer
Scientists have reported a major achievement in the field of quantum computers - they have succeeded in controlling the building blocks of a future super-fast quantum computer. ANI

You are what your father ate - before you were born
Scientists have discovered evidence that environmental influences experienced by a father can be passed down to the next generation, "reprogramming" how genes function in offspring. ANI

Nantotechnologists create 'world's smallest Christmas card'
Nantotechnologists at the University of Glasgow have created what they believe is the world's smallest Christmas card. ANI

'Anti-growth' hormone could reverse signs of aging
Scientists have discovered that a compound that acts opposite to a growth hormone could reverse the process of aging. ANI

Solar eclipse will occur on January 4, 2011
Scientists have said that Europe and India will witness a solar eclipse next year on January 4th. ANI

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