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Technology News on December 23, 2010

Risks with human characteristics make 'powerful' consumers 'feel lucky'
A new study has revealed that people who feel powerful are more likely to believe they can beat cancer if it's described in human terms. ANI

Does equality result in increased status spending?
A new study has pointed out that while people are happier when goods are more equally distributed, equality makes them to spend more to get ahead of their neighbours. ANI

Scientists train software to keep track of climate change
An international team of researchers say that a computer program, which automatically analyzes mounds of satellite images and other data, could help climate scientists keep track of complex, constantly changing environmental conditions. ANI

New potential target for br*ast cancer therapy identified
Researchers have identified a potential target for br*ast cancer therapy. ANI

Genetic predisposition for br*ast, kidney cancers discovered
Scientists have revealed multiple genetic discoveries that may permit easier diagnosis and disease management for Cowden syndrome patients who are predisposed to br*ast and kidney cancer. ANI

Many cancer cells have 'eat me' signal: Study
A new study has found that many cancer cells carry the seeds of their own destruction - a protein on the cell surface that signals circulating immune cells to engulf and digest them. ANI

Physical exercise 'keeps your brain sharp'
Experts at the University of Florence suggest that physical exercise may be the best way to keep your brain sharp in old age. ANI

Can reflecting on past experiences influence future choices?
While relying on intuition and others' advice can definitely help in making better future decisions, there is no source more valuable than past experience. ANI

Complementary medicines 'dangerous' for kids
A study carried out in Australia has found that complementary and alternative medicines (CAM), when substituted for effective conventional medicines, could be dangerous for children and can even prove fatal. ANI

Most common adult brain cancer associated with gene deletion
Scientists have discovered an important gene deletion in up to one of every four cases of glioblastoma, the most common adult brain cancer. ANI

Fossil site in China offers clues to mass extinction recovery
A massive new fossil site discovered in south-west China has shed light on how life on Earth recovered from the greatest mass extinction of all time. ANI

Aging process in mice linked to hyperactive cellular pathway
Scientists have linked hyperactivity in the mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) cellular pathway, to reduced ketone production, which is a well-defined physiological trait of aging in mice. ANI

Gene that protects against dementia in high-risk individuals found
Scientists have found a gene that protects against dementia in high-risk individuals. ANI

Higher levels of folate in RBCs linked to silenced tumor-suppressors
In new study, scientists found that people with higher levels of folate in their red blood cells were more likely to have two tumor-suppressing genes shut down by methylation, a chemical off switch for genes. ANI

The reason behind failure of dialysis
Scientists have revealed that a protein implicated in the development of vascular diseases may also contribute to the failure of arteriovenous (AV) fistulas created for vascular access in dialysis patients. ANI

Dead tired? Your voice could be a clue
Acoustician Adam Vogel of University of Melbourne, Australia has found that one can make out how tired a person is just by listening to their voice. ANI

Now, a robo that 'feels' with its fingertips and smiles just like us!
At first sight, the pi4-workerbot looks like a clump of metal, but there's something extraordinary about this one - it has fingertip sensitivity and a variety of facial expressions. ANI

30,000-yr-old finger bone found in Siberia is from 'mystery human relative'
Scientists have found that a 30,000-year-old bone finger fossil of a little girl found in Siberia in 2008, was neither a Neanderthal nor an early modern human, but from a third group of humans which wasn't known until now. ANI

Polar bears 'threatened', not 'endangered'
The Obama administration has confirmed an earlier Bush-era decision that polar bears are merely 'threatened' rather than 'endangered'. ANI

Brain gene responsible for making a female develop as a male identified
Scientists have discovered a gene that is responsible for creating male genitalia in a female embryo. ANI

Drunken rage could be in your genes
A new study may finally explain why some people transform from a pacific state to blind rage under the influence of alcohol. ANI

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