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Technology News on December 21, 2010

1bn Internet users' interests being tracked online by data sharing firm
An Internet link sharing service, which tracks users interests via cookies, is now offering parts of the data it has on one billion internet users to marketers. ANI

New study on how liver disease develops upends previous assumptions
A new study has come up with a more definitive explanation of how fibrotic cells form, multiply and eventually destroy the human liver, resulting in cirrhosis. ANI

Boosting key brain chemical cuts fatigue in mice
Scientists have 'engineered' a mouse that can run on a treadmill twice as long as a normal mouse by increasing its supply of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter essential for muscle contraction. ANI

NASA scientists' breakthrough in determining hyperactivity of black holes
Scientists have been able to determine how often the biggest black holes have been active over the last few billion years, thanks to a new study from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. ANI

Global waterways fuelling growth of greenhouse gas nitrous oxide
A new study has revealed that a potent greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide has increased by more than 20 percent over the last century - and human activities are driving that growth. ANI

Giving up menthol ciggies may be harder for some smokers
A new study has suggested that menthol cigarettes may be harder to quit, particularly for some teens and African-Americans, who have the highest menthol cigarette use. ANI

Study reveals links to abnormal rhythms behind sudden death, heart damage
An international team of scientists has identified DNA sequence variations linked with the heart's electrical rhythm in several surprising regions among 22 locations across the human genome. ANI

New breathing therapy reduces panic and anxiety
Scientists have demonstrated that a new breathing therapy reduces panic and anxiety by reversing hyperventilation. ANI

Training better than drugs and jabs in treating tennis elbow
A thesis presented at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, suggests that training and ergonomic advice are more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections in treating tennis elbow, and give fewer side effects. ANI

Blacks more likely than whites to die from live cancer: Study
Scientists at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has found that black people with early stage liver cancer are more likely than white patients to die from their disease. ANI

Mice study finds link between depression and inflammatory response
Researchers at the Vanderbilt University have found that depression may be triggered by the same mechanisms that enable the immune system to respond to infection. ANI

Ocean acidification alters nitrogen cycling in world seas
Scientists say that increasing acidity in the sea's waters may fundamentally change how nitrogen is cycled in them. ANI

New technology could sequence a person's genome in minutes
Researchers at the Imperial College London scientists are developing technology that could lead to ultrafast DNA sequencing tool within ten years. ANI

Why Alzheimer's patients could forget that zebras have stripes
A normal person wouldn't forget that a zebra has stripes or that a giraffe has four legs because these are concepts related to semantic memory - something that allows us to assign meaning to words and to recall general knowledge that we have learned. ANI

Julian Assange turns on enemies, allies to defend self
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lashed out at his enemies and his allies in a bid to defend his public and private conduct. ANI

Dogs can tell size of another dog by listening to its growls
A new study from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary, has shown that dogs can tell the size of another dog by listening to its growls. ANI

It's true - winter blues really do exist!
Do you feel low during winters or are you the kind who hates summers? Turns out, weather affects our moods more than we think. ANI

Autistic kids lack visual skills essential for independence: Study
A University of Bristol research has concluded that the ability to find shoes in the bedroom, apples in a supermarket, or a favourite animal at the zoo is impaired among children with autism. ANI

Robotic surgery shows promise for head and neck cancer
University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have suggested that less-invasive robotic surgery for upper airway and digestive track malignant tumors is as effective as other minimally invasive surgical techniques based on patient function and survival. ANI

An iPhone app that acts like a 'therapist' to soothe your soul
Going through holiday stress? Here's an iPhone app to soothe your soul. ANI

Food in early life affects fertility: Study
A new research by the University of Sheffield has revealed that the reproductive success of men and women is influenced by the food they receive at an early stage in life. ANI

World's best selling anti-baldness drug 'risking men's sexual health'
Some doctors have claimed that young men could be jeopardizing their sexual health by taking the world's best selling anti-baldness drug. ANI

Part of our brain that tells us when someone lying discovered
Scientists from Oxford University have identified a circuit in our brain that acts as a lie detector. ANI

Injectable, oral contraceptives 'don't affect glucose, insulin levels'
A new study has found that glucose and insulin levels are not adversely affected by injectable or oral contraception. ANI

It's natural for girls to play with dolls and boys to like guns
Girls like to play with dolls and boys love guns because they're programmed to do so, not due to social conditioning, suggests a new study. ANI

Neuroimaging 'predicts' which dyslexics will learn to read
Stanford University researchers have used brain imaging to predict with 90 percent precision which teenagers with dyslexia would improve their reading skills over time. ANI

Were the ancestors of T.rex vegetarian?
A new study has raised the possibility that ancestors of the predator dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been vegetarian. ANI

Dinos' evolving beaks were like 'Swiss Army knives'
A new study has claimed that beaks acted like Swiss Army knives for dinosaurs - it was "an evolutionary innovation", say scientists. ANI

Human immune system has emergency backup plan
A team of scientists has found that the immune system has an effective backup plan to protect the body from infection when the "master regulator" of the body's innate immune system fails. ANI

Electronic nose smells cancer
Scientists have used electronic nose to confirm that ovarian cancer tissue and healthy tissue smell different. ANI

It's the eyes that make a face look alive: Study
Consider this: A doll with human-like features still doesn't look as real as a live person - do you know why? A new study claims it's all in the eyes. ANI

Listening to birdsong may help beat the winter blues
Scientists have suggested that spending five minutes a day listening to birdsong may help beat the winter blues. ANI

'Bionic eye' to help the blind 'see'
Blind people may soon be able to regain their sight - with help of a 'bionic eye'. ANI

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