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Technology News on December 19, 2010

Why do some musical performances move us?
Scientists at Florida Atlantic University have identified key aspects of musical performance that cause emotion-related brain activity, and they have shown for the first time how these performance nuances work in the brain, in real-time. ANI

Adapting to climate change may have been easier 13,500yrs ago
Adapting to climate change may have been easier in the past, according to a new study. ANI

Maths research to improve reliability, efficiency of Internet services
Tech savvies may soon get reliable 24-hour Internet services at a reasonable cost. ANI

'Old' LOL, BRB are now PML, BFN for net chatters
Internet vernacular has changed and it's no longer cool to write LOL (laugh out loud) - the new acronym is PML (p*** myself laughing). ANI

How partners perceive each other's emotion during relationship fight
New research from Baylor University psychologists has shown that how each person perceives the other partner's emotion during a conflict greatly influences different types of thoughts, feelings and reactions in themselves. ANI

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol risky: Study
Energy drinks lead to increased alcohol consumption, according to a new research. ANI

Ancient tablets reveal Babylonian math skills
An exhibit of 13 ancient Babylonian tablets in New York has revealed that highly sophisticated mathematical practice flourished in Babylonia nearly 1,000 years prior to the Greek sages Thales and Pythagoras, with whom mathematics is said to have begun. ANI

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