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Technology News on December 18, 2010

How plants counteract against larger neighbours' shade
Researchers have discovered how plants that 'lose the battle' during competitiveness for light because they are shaded by larger neighbours, counteract. ANI

PSA test more reliable in men taking prostate-shrinking drug
The PSA screening test for prostate cancer is better known for its imperfection - it can indicate cancer when none is present and miss life-threatening tumours. ANI

Major shift in understanding how eczema develops
Our skin serves as a barrier protecting our body from hundreds of allergens, irritants, pollutants and microbes we come in contact with every day. ANI

3400-yr-old Bronze Age man who broke his neck but survived, found in Spain
Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a Bronze Age man that lived more than 3,400 years ago in Spain and suffered a broken hyoid bone, likely caused by a blow to his neck. ANI

Pluto may be warm enough to harbour ocean beneath its ice shell
New research has suggested that Pluto may be warm enough to contain an ocean beneath its miles-thick ice shell. ANI

Ancient Americans 'converted buildings into giant sound amplifiers'
A new study has claimed that ancient Americans used to turn buildings into giant sound amplifiers and distorters to enthrall or disorient audiences. ANI

NASA's LRO creates Moon's most precise landscape yet
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has successfully created the most accurate landscape available to date, of the Moon. ANI

50mn-yr-old mountains did not evolve from Tibet-like plateau: Study
A new study finally puts to rest the idea that mountains that began forming in southern British Columbia 50 million years ago, developed from a vast, Tibet-like plateau that rose up across most of the western U.S. roughly simultaneously and then subsequently collapsed and eroded. ANI

Study examines socio-economic consequences of sleep disorders
A new study at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Institute for Health Services Research has examined the socio-economic consequences of the sleep disorder hypersomnia, revealing that it has far-reaching consequences for both the individual and society as a whole. ANI

We judge people by their accents: Study
Psychologists from Jena University, Germany, have shown that people's accents play a crucial role in how we judge them. ANI

Spurt in oxygen levels 550mn yrs ago drove evolution of animal life
A new study at the University of Oxford has revealed that 550 million years ago, when atmospheric oxygen levels on the planet rose sharply from 3 percent to their modern day level of 21 percent, it kickstarted evolution of complex multicellular animal life. ANI

'Watchful waiting' appropriate treatment for many kids with ear infections
Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have said that for many children suffering from acute otitis media, the most appropriate treatment is "watchful waiting" instead of using antibiotics immediately. ANI

Worms provide insights into human biological clock
A new study from University of Nevada, Reno, has found that the circadian clock of the Caenorhabditis elegans worm could provide important insights into the mammalian circadian clock. ANI

Asthmatics living in poverty suffer more, finds study
A new study has revealed that people with low incomes suffer more from the consequences of asthma as compared to those well off. ANI

Athletes' own blood could treat tendon injuries
A doctor in Melbourne has perfected the technique of treating tendon injuries in athletes by injecting them with their own blood, also quickening their recovery time. ANI

Living near freeway may be linked to autism
A new study by researchers from Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) and the UC Davis MIND Institute, has revealed that living near a freeway may be associated with increased risk of autism. ANI

Now, access your online accounts at the touch of a fingertip
It can be a struggle to remember all of the usernames and passwords, especially for people with various online accounts. ANI

McCullum's participation against Pakistan in doubt due to injury
New Zealand batsman Bredon McCullum's involvement in the early stages of the Pakistan cricket tour is in jeopardy, as he has still not recovered from the back injury he sustained in India. ANI

Ion channel responsible for pain discovered
Neuroscientists have demonstrated a process that could have a profound therapeutic impact on pain. ANI

Now, a smartphone app that acts like a girlfriend!
Feeling lonely, but dating sites sound like too much work? Well, a new smartphone app, called Honey, It's Me, may be the perfect gift for you. ANI

Winter solstice to coincide with total lunar eclipse
This year's winter solstice will fall on the same day as a total lunar eclipse - Tuesday, Dec. 21. ANI

Now, iPhone app that instantly translates words as you watch
Bewildered tourists who are lost in a foreign country don't have to worry at all - provided they have an iPhone. ANI

Beetroot juice could help people enjoy more active lives
It's not only athletes who can benefit from beetroot juice's performance enhancing properties - its physiological effects could help the elderly or people with heart or lung-conditions enjoy more active lives, suggests a new study. ANI

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