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Technology News on December 15, 2010

Facebook statistics show UK is obsessed with 'X Factor' and football
Social networking site Facebook has revealed that Britons are officially obsessed with 'The X Factor' and football. ANI

Side effects that are actually beneficial for you
Side effects that come with medicines are often perceived as a bad thing, but sometimes they can bring surprising benefits. ANI

Now, a simple device to get better info on teen sexual behavior
Brown University sociologists have developed a low-cost, easy-to-use device that helps in obtaining reliable data about risky sexual behavior among teenagers and young adults. ANI

More than 25pc of teens suffered cyber bullying over the past year: Study
A new study has found that 25 percent to 29 percent of all teenagers have been bullied via their mobile phone or the Internet over the past year. ANI

Now, software that enables everyone to explore the Sun
ESA has developed a new software that makes the entire library of images from the SOHO solar and heliospheric observatory available online to everyone, everywhere at anytime. ANI

People who believe in justice see meaning in victim's life after tragedy
A new study has found that people who believe in justice in the world also believe that a tragedy gives the victim's life more meaning. ANI

NASA's Hubble space telescope discovers festive bauble
NASA's Hubble space telescope has photographed what looks like a festive bauble of gas in our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. ANI

Robot arm boosts brain-controlled device's performance
A new University of Chicago study has found that the performance of a brain-machine interface designed to help paralysed people move objects with their thoughts just got better with the addition of a robotic arm providing sensory feedback. ANI

New discoveries resolve debate over oxygen in Earth's mantle
Recent discoveries by a University of Rhode Island scientist are bringing resolution to the debate among geologists about the availability of oxygen in the Earth's mantle. ANI

Giant rats detect TB more accurately than commonly used techniques
A new study found that trained giant African rats increased positive TB detection rates by 44 percent over microscopy, the most commonly-used technique for diagnosing TB. ANI

Human umbilical cord blood cells boost survival, maturation of key brain cells
Human umbilical cord blood cells (HUCBs) provide a 'trophic effect' (nutritional effect) that enhances survival and maturation of hippocampal neurons harvested from both young and old laboratory animals, studies examining the activity of human umbilical cord blood cells (HUCB) on experimental models of central nervous system aging, injury and disease, show. ANI

NASA's Cassini spots possible ice volcano on Saturn's moon
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted what could be ice volcanoes on Saturn's moon Titan. ANI

Boozy footbath won't get you drunk
A new research has exploded the Danish urban myth that it is possible to get drunk by submerging your feet in alcohol. ANI

Popping a pill can help treat alcoholism
An updated review of studies has confirmed that a little-used medication can help treat alcoholism. ANI

Life may have survived 'Snowball Earth' in ocean pockets 700mn yrs ago
A new study has revealed that life may have survived a cataclysmic global freeze in the ocean pockets some 700 million years ago. ANI

Praying really can help you deal with hard times
Praying really can bring comfort during tough times, a new study has suggested. ANI

Qatar-led international team discovers a new alien world
They are not just an exciting part of sci-fi flicks; they exist in real world too. And here's another evidence to prove that-researchers have discovered a new alien world. ANI

A good night's sleep really can make you look beautiful
Want to look healthy and attractive? Well, all you need to do is a get a good night's sleep, suggests a new research. ANI

Jet lag pill that slows down body clock to help you 'catch up' 1 step closer
Scientists are one step closer to developing a jet lag pill that could relieve millions of long-haul passengers from sleepless nights and mid-afternoon drowsiness. ANI

New hope for late-stage liver cancer patients
Scientists have offered new hope to patients with late-stage liver cancer. ANI

Depression, not video games, could be to blame for youth violence
A new research has suggested that violence in video games or on television is not related to serious acts of youth aggression. ANI

Novel memory-enhancing mechanism in brain discovered
A novel mechanism in the brain that boosts memory has been identified by UC Irvine researchers. ANI

Brains of fighter pilots are 'more sensitive': Study
A new study, which included cognitive tests and MRI scans, has found that fighter pilots' brains are more sensitive as compared to a control group. ANI

Alcohol consumption may increase drug abuse risk: Study
A new research has suggested that ingesting moderate amount of alcohol may increase an individual's risk of amphetamine abuse. ANI

Scientists identify Henri IV's head after 400 years
A team of scientists has identified the head of French King, Henri IV, from the skeletons of monarchs lying in mass graves in the Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris. ANI

Map of Facebook friendships shows connections across the globe
Ever wondered how the world would look like through Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook eyes? Well, an intern with the social networking giant has created a map of the world by joining the dots between friendships. ANI

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