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Technology News on December 14, 2010

Carbon content of some comets may be lower than thought
The carbon content of some comets may be lower than previously estimated, suggests a new study. ANI

Space sensor technology makes bolts smarter
With the help of space-sensor technology, German firm Intellifast has developed a bolt with an internal sensor to measure the stress while the bolt is in place. ANI

Justin Bieber, Inception, Gulf oil spill are this year's top Twitter Trends
Microblogging website Twitter has revealed the subjects people talked about the most this year, and it includes singer Justin Bieber, the movie 'Inception', the Gulf oil spill, and blowing a vuvuzela. ANI

Vigilantes blast Facebook for failing to protect kids from paedophiles
Social networking site Facebook has been blasted by a vigilante group for failing to take action against paedophiles, who are brazenly sharing child pornography pictures and videos on its site. ANI

Strength training for seniors offers cognitive, economic benefits: Study
A one-year follow-up study has shown that strength training for seniors provides cognitive as well as economic benefits. ANI

Physical mechanism behind 'sympathetic flares' on the Sun discovered
Scientists have finally uncovered the physical mechanism behind so-called 'sympathetic flares' on the Sun - thanks to a serendipitous alignment of high-powered spaceborne solar instruments. ANI

Attack on Gawker enables spammers to take over Twitter accounts
An attack by hackers on online gossip site Gawker Media has enabled spammers to take over thousands of Twitter accounts after the users' passwords were stolen. ANI

Can flu infections prevent asthma?
In a new study, scientists found that the influenza virus infection in young mice protected the mice as adults against the development of allergic asthma. ANI

Oldest fossils discovered in Cordillera Betica mountain range
A team of Spanish researchers has discovered fossils of Ordovician conodonts dating to between 446 and 444 million years ago for the first time in the western Mediterranean. ANI

Sleep-deprived bees make poor dancers: Study
Like humans, bees aren't at their best on the job if they've been deprived of sleep, according to a new study. ANI

Diet linked to onset of mental illness
Previous studies have linked changes in diet to a reduction of abnormal behaviors in mentally ill people or animals, but a Purdue University research demonstrates that diet might also trigger the onset of mental illness in the first place. ANI

When it comes to choosing a mate, the eyes have it
Queen's University researchers have traced the difference in the way males and females of the same species of vertebrate see things-especially to choose their mate. ANI

'Fountain of youth' pill may restore aging immune system
Scientists have found an existing medication that restores key elements of the immune system that, when out of balance, lead to a steady decline in immunity and health as people age. ANI

Money really can't buy happiness - in the long-term at least
It's an old adage that we usually quote but don't really believe. "Money doesn't buy happiness." However, now a new study by an economist has found it to be true. ANI

Facebook crime rises by '540pc in 3yrs in UK'
Police chiefs have reported that crimes linked to Facebook have reached more than 100,000 across Britain in the last five years. ANI

High levels of 'good' cholesterol linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's
A new study has found that high levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) - also known as "good" cholesterol - appear to be associated with a reduced risk for Alzheimer's disease in older adults. ANI

Acupuncture may help treat lazy eye
A new study has suggested that acupuncture could potentially become an alternative to patching for treating amblyopia (lazy eye) in some older children. ANI

Prehistoric humans ate each other: Study
New research on probable human teeth marks found on prehistoric human bones suggests that Neanderthals and Homo antecessor made meals of each other. ANI

Stem cells from testicles could offer diabetes treatment
It may soon be possible for men with type 1 diabetes to use stem cells from their testicles to replace their damaged insulin-secreting beta islet cells, say US scientists. ANI

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