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Technology News on December 13, 2010

Genetic variants that up gynecological disease risk found
Scientists have identified two genetic variants that increase the risk of developing endometriosis-a common gynaecological disease. ANI

Scientists turn stem cells into intestinal tissue for the first time
For the first time ever, Cincinnati researchers have created functioning human intestinal tissue in the laboratory from pluripotent stem cells. ANI

New imaging technique may reduce lymphedema in br*ast cancer patients
Scientists have used a new imaging technique that may help in reducing lymphedema in br*ast cancer patients by 55 percent. ANI

Testing the 'toughest' phone in the world
The JCB Toughphone Sitemaster is being claimed as the toughest phone in the world. But is it? ANI

Treatment of pregnant br*ast cancer patients shouldn't be delayed
Lead researcher of the German br*ast Group has suggested that treatment of br*ast cancer should not be delayed just because the women is pregnant. ANI

New scan detects womb cancer even before symptoms appear
British doctors have developed a test that can detect womb cancer in women months or even years before they show any symptoms. ANI

Sugar could be key to healing deep wounds without scars
A new study has found that blocking the sugar molecule hyaluronan that triggers inflammation, could play a part in repairing wounds, but without leaving scars. ANI

Depression drug may relieve pain from br*ast cancer treatment
A new study has found that a drug usually used to treat depression and anxiety disorder helped in reducing joint and muscle pain linked with a br*ast cancer treatment. ANI

Protein sheds light on cause and treatment for kidney disease
A new study has shed light on causes and treatment of a kidney disease associated with proteinuria-the leakage of protein in the urine. ANI

Humans helped vulture population flourish in Canary Islands
A new study has found that the Egyptian vulture population of the Canary Islands flourished around the same time as humans began to colonise the islands. ANI

New study could personalize oral health care
A new study has revealed that the defenses of the oral microbiome are unique and tracing them could pave way for personalized oral health care. ANI

How Saturn's rings and inner moons were formed
According to a new study, Saturn's rings and inner moons were formed after the collision of a large satellite with the planet. ANI

Men with type-1 diabetes could 'grow their own transplant'
A new study has suggested that men with type 1 diabetes may now be able to grow their own insulin-producing cells from their testicular tissue. ANI

Not bad diet or lack of exercise - viruses could be to blame for weight gain
Think it's bad diet and lack of exercise that's making you gain those extra kilos? You might be wrong, as a new study has suggested that the real culprit could be some virus. ANI

Pomegranate juice could be key to new cancer therapies
New therapies for preventing cancer may be on their way as scientists have identified components in pomegranate juice that inhibit the movement of cancer cells. ANI

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