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Technology News on December 12, 2010

Tiny protozoa may help detect toxins in water sources
Biologists have developed a sensor that employs one-celled protozoa to detect toxins in water sources. ANI

Novel imaging technique may cut lymphedema in br*ast cancer patients
Oncologists have pointed out that integrating single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with the computerized tomography (CT) scans may offer br*ast cancer patients substantial protection against lymphedema. ANI

'Unpacking the Nano' exhibit to show revolutionary new car's impact
Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) will explore questions related to Tata Motors' revolutionary new Tata Nano, in an exhibition at the university's Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. ANI

Depression drug may ease pain from br*ast cancer treatment: Study
Scientists have found that a drug, commonly used to treat depression and anxiety disorder, can effectively reduce joint and muscle pain associated with a br*ast cancer treatment. ANI

Drinking and walking can be lethal: Experts
Most people know how unsafe drinking and driving can be, but how about drinking and walking? ANI

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