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Technology News on December 11, 2010

Children with ADHD have more difficulties on math and reading tests
A new study concluded that children with ADHD can sometimes have more difficulties on math and reading tests compared to their peers. ANI

Trio of drugs may help fight 'triple negative' br*ast cancer
Scientists at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have tested a blend of three drugs that could treat so called triple negative br*ast cancer. ANI

Bones of gladiator provide clues to York's Roman amphitheatre
The bones of a Roman gladiator, who was stabbed least six times in a fatal attack, could be a clue in the search for York's Roman amphitheatre. ANI

'Angry Birds' tops iPhone app downloads for 2010
'Angry Birds' was the most downloaded paid-for app on the iTunes store in 2010, reveals Apple. ANI

Similarities between DNA repair systems of bacteria, humans greater than thought
A new study has revealed that there are greater similarities between the DNA repair systems of bacteria and humans than previously thought. ANI

First impression is truly the last impression!
They say 'first impression is the last impression', and it seems to be true. A new study has found that a professor's first interaction with pupils has a strong impact on them. ANI

Caterpillars whistle to fend off attacking birds: Study
A new study has found that caterpillars can whistle to fend off attacking birds. ANI

How 'bees see world'
Scientists have developed FReD - the Floral Reflectance Database - which holds data on what colours flowers appear to be, to bees. ANI

Lowering the drinking age won't curb binge drinking: Study
A new study has challenged the theory that lowering the minimum legal drinking age would help curb binge drinking on campuses. ANI

Boxing may be injurious to brain
Scientists at the Technical University Munich are questioning if boxing can cause severe damage to a player's brain. ANI

Lightening could help monitor volcanic ash cloud
A new study has suggested that lightening could be a new way of monitoring volcanic ash cloud, such as in the case of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull. ANI

Circulating tumour cells in blood up death risk in early-stage br*ast cancer patients
A new study has shown that the presence of one to four circulating tumour cells in the blood of patients, who are in the early stages of br*ast cancer, can double the risk of cancer relapse and death. ANI

New studies claim no evidence of time before Big Bang
A recent study had claimed that concentric rings within the cosmic microwave background could provide evidence of black holes that collided in the past, before our Universe existed but three new independent studies have challenged that claim. ANI

Over 100mn people joined Twitter in 2010
It seems microblogging site Twitter is here to stay. ANI

Weapon hits target 100 miles away within minutes in record-setting test
U.S. Navy engineers at the Office of Naval Research have successfully test-fired a weapon that can hit a target 100 miles or more away within minutes. ANI

Scientists grow human brain stem cells in rats
Scientists in the US have made a major breakthrough that has the potential for people with brain damage, caused by epilepsy or Parkinson's for example, to use their own brain stem cells as a treatment. ANI

Financially independent women 'seek older, more attractive male partners'
As women become more financially independent, they seek older, more attractive male partners, according to a new study. ANI

Simple fingertip test may identify br*ast cancer patients at CTS risk
A simple test that measures a br*ast cancer patient's ability to feel two metal points pressed against her fingertips may help evaluate the risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a new study by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers has shown. ANI

Haiti's cholera strain came from South Asia: Study
Scientists, who did a rapid genetic analysis of bacteria collected from Haitian patients, have concluded that the strain of cholera currently sweeping through post-earthquake Haiti originated in South Asia. ANI

Groundbreaking research opens door to new HIV treatments
A new University of Victoria study has significantly advanced the understanding of HIV and how to treat it. ANI

Cycling just for 5 hrs a week 'could affect a man's fertility'
If you are a regular cyclist, this may be important for you - a new study has found that cycling for at least five hours a week can affect a man's fertility. ANI

LHC to be run for an extra yr to find the Higgs particle
Scientists at CERN are planning to run the Large Hadron Collider for an extra year in order to find the Higgs particle - part of the mechanism that is thought to endow other particles with mass. ANI

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