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Technology News for June 2, 2009
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Mercedes-Benz to come up with safer child seat soon
A safer and more advanced special seat in the car for your kid would soon be a reality-it was first shown in the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle. ANI

Massive star goes supernova, smothered by its own dust
Astronomers using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered that a giant star in a remote galaxy ended its life with a dust-shrouded whimper instead of the more typical bang. ANI

Genetic defect responsible for epilepsy and mental retardation found
Researchers have detected a genetic mutation responsible for severe mental retardation and epilepsy beginning at infancy. ANI

Technology News for June 2, 2009

Why alcoholics often turn violent
People always turn aggressive or violent when they are drunk. Now, a new study from Finland sheds light on why this happens. ANI

Food security across Asia must consider income gap between rich and poor
A new report has determined that the income gap between the haves and the have-nots must be taken into account when considering the issue of food security across Asia. ANI

Coral reefs more resistant to seaweed than previously thought
A new study by a team of marine scientists from the US and Australia has suggested that coral reefs appear to be more resistant to seaweed than previously thought. ANI

Elevated water temperature and higher CO2 boosts growth of key sea star species
A new research by zoologists has indicated that elevated water temperatures and heightened concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) can dramatically increase the growth rate of a keystone species of sea star. ANI

A network of wildlife areas can help species survive future climate change
A new research has demonstrated that a network of wildlife areas can be a crucial tool to help biodiversity survive future climate change. ANI

Gene that regulates tumours in neuroblastoma identified
Scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University have identified a gene that may play a key role in regulating tumour progression in neuroblastoma, a form of cancer usually found in young children. ANI

Soon, virtual book of all life on Earth
An international team of scientists is writing a virtual book of all life on Earth, an online reference work that will create a detailed world map of flora and fauna and track changes in biodiversity. ANI

Novel drug raises hope for patients with advanced melanoma
A drug that can treat the most deadly form of skin cancer in its most advanced, incurable stages has been created by scientists. ANI

Offering high-quality digital music samples increases odds of full product sales
A new study by Robert Morris University researchers in Pennsylvania suggests that the current practice of offering short and low quality samples of digital music on the Internet may not be a great marketing strategy. ANI

Lightning can sometimes behave in very un-spark-like ways
Scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology, using high-energy particles from space to probe thunderstorms, have accumulated evidence that lightning sometimes behaves in very un-spark-like ways. ANI

Scientists uncover pathway that affects breast cancer stem cells growth
Scientists at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that a pathway linked to a gene called PTEN, which is well known to stop or suppress cancer, also affect the growth of breast cancer stem cells. ANI

Mystery stellar explosion may have marked unusual death of carbon-rich star
A new research by astrophysicists at the University of Warwick, UK, has discovered that a mystery stellar explosion recorded in 2006 may have marked the unusual death of an equally unusually carbon-rich star. ANI

Host species extinction could make parasites jump onto alternative hosts
In a new study, scientists have determined that when host species go extinct, their parasites could switch onto alternative hosts which in turn could increase the rate of emerging pathogens for humans, domesticated animals and plants. ANI

Now, repair decayed teeth with dental filling made of bile acids
People whose teeth have decayed due to excess sugar could now make them whole again, thanks to a new, non-toxic dental filling derived from bile. ANI

Microsofts new search engine Bing gives users easy access to porn
Microsofts new search engine Bing may be as good as Google, but Internet safety experts have warned that there is a glitch in the engine that gives users easy access to pornographic material. ANI

Men who marry younger women live longer
Men live longer if they marry a younger woman, according to population statistics. ANI

Soon, a drop of blood may help predict heart disease
A single drop of blood would soon help in testing patients at risk of developing heart disease, according to Dr Shashi K. Murthy of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. ANI

Manmade Pancreas to benefit diabetics
British scientists have developed what they call artificial pancreas - a revolutionary insulin pump designed to mimic the human pancreas. ANI

Space viruses may have not seeded life on Earth
A new study has determined that life on Earth is unlikely to have come from space viruses. ANI

Neural stem cells may give rise to brain cancer
A deficiency in a key tumour suppressor gene in the brain could cause the most common type of adult brain cancer, called Glioblastoma, revealed researchers at University of Michigan. ANI

Tidal interaction making Earth and Sun push each other away
A new research has suggested that the Earth is moving away from the Sun because tidal interaction is making them both literally push each other away. ANI

Our earliest hominid ancestors may have been European
Scientists have found a 12-million-year-old fossil hominid in Spain, which suggests that millions of years before early humans evolved in Africa, their ancestors may have lived in Europe. ANI

Archaeologists find earliest evidence for pottery making in China
Archaeologists have found the earliest evidence for pottery making, in the form of fragments from a Chinese cave, which push back the dawn of the craft by more than 1,000 years. ANI

Wet earwax, smelly armpits signal breast cancer risk
Having malodorous armpits and goopy earwax is any womans nightmare. Now, a discovery made by Japanese scientists may add a more serious problem for ladies facing these cosmetic calamities. ANI

Mosquitoes sucking the life out of Galapagos wildlife
A team of scientists has discovered that some of the mosquitoes on the Galapagos island have developed a taste for reptile blood, thus threatening precious wildlife in the region. ANI

Now, a non-invasive system to monitor foetal heartbeat earlier
Scientists have developed a new non-invasive system to allow much earlier monitoring of the foetal heartbeat. ANI

Meteor bombardment 4 bln yrs ago may have made Earth more habitable
A new study has suggested that large bombardments of meteorites approximately four billion years ago could have helped to make the early Earth and Mars more habitable for life by modifying their atmospheres. ANI

Whats the difference between an athlete and a jock
Think twice before you call an athlete a jock, for the two terms are poles apart, according to a researcher at the University at Buffalo. ANI

Humans responsible for wiping out worlds mass migrations
A new research has indicated that human activities have played a large part in wiping out the worlds mass migrations. ANI

Molecular powerbrokers involved in cancers spread identified
The interaction between biological molecules is a lot like Facebooking - you know a guy who knows everyone on the social-networking site, and if his access is hindered, the whole network will fall apart. ANI

Squids can see through an organ other than their eyes as well
In a new research, scientists have determined that certain squids can detect light through an organ other than their eyes as well. ANI

Common drugs may lead to cognitive impairment in older adults
Drugs commonly prescribed for allergies, hypertension, asthma, and cardiovascular might lead to cognitive impairment in older adults, say researchers. ANI

Second stroke follows first one within hours
Half of mini-strokes lead to major stroke within 24 hours of the first event, a new research has found. ANI

Arctic mammals wintered in darkness 53 million years ago
A new study has suggested that ancestors of tapirs and ancient cousins of rhinos living above the Arctic Circle 53 million years ago endured six months of darkness each year in a far milder climate than today that featured lush, swampy forests. ANI

Antidepressants ineffective against obsessive traits in kids with autism spectrum disorder
A new study has revealed that the commonly prescribed antidepressant citalopram is ineffective in treating obsessive features of autism spectrum disorder in children-such as the spinning, rocking, and repetitive behaviour. ANI

Culture, not biology, is to blame for gender disparity in maths performance at all levels
While women have always been considered to be innately less capable than men at dealing with mathematical problems, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have now said in a study report that the primary cause for the gender disparity in math performance at all levels is culture, not biology. ANI

Software to create endless original, copyright-free music on the anvil
A group of UGR researchers have come up with a software program that can enable a person who knows nothing about musical compositions to create an original one on his/her own. ANI

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