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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for June 12, 2008
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Technology News

Mercedes-Benz to come up with safer child seat soon
A safer and more advanced special seat in the car for your kid would soon be a reality-it was first shown in the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle. ANI

Massive star goes supernova, smothered by its own dust
Astronomers using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered that a giant star in a remote galaxy ended its life with a dust-shrouded whimper instead of the more typical bang. ANI

Genetic defect responsible for epilepsy and mental retardation found
Researchers have detected a genetic mutation responsible for severe mental retardation and epilepsy beginning at infancy. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for June 12, 2008

Remedial instruction may improve skills of struggling readers
In a new brain imaging study of poor readers, researchers at Carnegie Mellon found that 100 hours of extra training showed similar brain activation in poor readers as that in skilled readers. ANI

DC designs a one and only Rolls-Royce Batmobile
Indian super-car firm DC Design has created a futuristic super-car, which resembles Batmobile - the popular personal automobile of comic book superhero Batman. ANI

There are more bee species than mammals and birds combined
Data from the newly completed checklists of bee species from the American Museum of Natural History has revealed that the species of these pollinators far exceeds the number of mammals and birds taken together. ANI

Now, receive e-mail from Heaven via
Now you might be able to send messages to your loved ones even after your death, thanks to a new website that allows people who expect to be transported to Heaven to leave messages for those left behind. ANI

Incredible Hulks carbon calculator to help people in balancing their greenhouse emissions
The World Land Trust and Universal Pictures have developed an Incredible Hulk Carbon Calculator to encourage film fans to go online and balance their carbon emissions. ANI

Scientist tries to mimic Earths spinning magnetic heart
A scientist is trying to mimic the Earths spinning magnetic core by spinning a 26-ton steel sphere filled with boiling metal at about 90 miles an hour. ANI

All tree leaves have built-in thermostat
Scientists have long believed that temperature of tree leaves is controlled by the outside environment, but a new University of Pennsylvania study has challenged this belief, by finding that healthy, photosynthesizing tree leaves have an inherent tendency to control their own temperature. ANI

Improving normal vehicles may reduce fuel consumption sooner and cheaper than hybrids
Scientists have suggested that improving normal vehicles could reduce the worlds fuel consumption sooner and cheaper than eco-friendly hybrid cars. ANI

Rainforest regeneration might take up to 4000 years
A new study has suggested that for a rainforest to regenerate completely, it might take up to 4000 years. ANI

Nanomirrors that bend X-ray beams may lead to improved space telescopes
Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the US have developed nanomirrors that can help to bend X-ray beams, leading to greatly improved space telescopes, as well new tools for biology and for the manufacture of semiconductor chips.X-rays from space provide astronomers with important information about the most exotic events and objects in our universe, such as dark energy, black holes and neutron stars. ANI

New experiments to test exactly how antimatter reacts to gravity
Physicists have proposed new experiments to test exactly how antimatter reacts to gravity. ANI

Researchers untangle vital problem in quantum computing
Two researchers from Arizona State University in the US have untangled a vital problem in quantum computing, which could help in the realization of next generation computers. ANI

Saucy software finds symmetries in complicated equations within seconds
Computer scientists at the University of Michigan say that they have updated software called saucy to enable it to find symmetries in complicated equations within seconds in some cases. ANI

Microchips that contain multiple personalities may protect intellectual property
Computer engineers at Rice University have come up with a concept of making microchips that can be helpful in granting necessary protection to intellectual property. ANI

Scientists use diamonds to trace origin of platinum rich region in South Africa
Scientists have traced the origin of the unique platinum deposits in a South African region by using diamonds. ANI

Indian-origin researcher unveils new properties of non-magnetic materials
Led by an Indian-origin researcher, a team of Penn State experts has identified several new properties of non-magnetic materials. ANI

Tibetan Plateaus towering elevations due to major tectonic changes 2-3 mln yrs back
A new research has revealed that major tectonic changes on the Tibetan Plateau may have caused it to attain its towering present-day elevations, rendering it inhospitable to the plants and animals that once thrived there, as recently as 2-3 million years ago. ANI

Woolly mammoths went extinct because of climate change and disease, not human hunting
A genetic study has revealed that the woolly mammoth was not one large homogenous group and had split into two groups, with one of the groups dying out 45,000 years ago, which further suggests that the animals went extinct because of climate change and disease, not human hunting. ANI

Electron turbine may make for worlds smallest printer
British researchers have come up with a new design that may give rise to the worlds smallest printer, and even shrink computer memory. ANI

NASAs Phoenix Lander collects an oven full of Martian soil
The robotic arm of NASAs Phoenix Mars Lander has delivered a partial scoopful of clumpy Martian soil to the oven on its Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer instrument, or TEGA. ANI

Dwarf planets like Pluto to be renamed plutoids
The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has decided on the term plutoid as a name for dwarf planets in the solar system like Pluto. ANI

Human egg formation captured in camera
A researcher associated with the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Brussels has accidentally captured the images showing the production of an egg inside a womans body, something known as ovulation in medical terminology. ANI

Why it is so difficult to part with our possessions
Ever wondered what makes you to be reluctant to sell your iPod or some other prized possession? ANI

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