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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for August 30, 2008
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Technology News

Squeezable cell phone to give you status info without having to look at it
Scientists have developed a squeezable cellphone - SqueezeBlock - using tiny motors built into the casing to mimic the behaviour of a spring. ANI

Airplanes that also travel in space to be 'the holy grail' of aeronautics
A British firm is working on an airplane that would also travel in space. ANI

Was Oz-Indian scientist first to discover recently found Earth-like planet?
The recent discovery of Earth-like planet caused a tizzy in the science world, but many are still sceptical of the claim. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for August 30, 2008

Biological clocks control staggering 25pc of genes
University of Georgia researchers have discovered that the extent of genes under the control of the biological clock in Neurospora crassa, bread mold, is dramatically higher than previously reported. ANI

Gene test that can help prevent heart disease
A genetic test has been developed which can help take action to prevent heart disease, say experts. ANI

NASAs Mars Rover Opportunity back on flat ground
NASAs Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is back on flat ground, by climbing out of the large crater that it had been examining from the inside on the Red Planet since September 2007. ANI

Museum showcasing early Chinese civilization to open on October 1 in Zhejiang Province
Liangzhu Culture Museum in east Chinas Zhejiang Province, which will showcase early Chinese civilization, will open to the public on October 1, 2008, after four years of construction at the helm of a British architect. ANI

Killing mosquitoes without raising a stink just became a reality
Scientists at the University of California, Davis have developed an odourless chemical that can lure gravid female mosquitoes, and help play a key role in surveillance and control programs for Culex species that transmit diseases like West Nile virus, encephalitis and lymphatic filariasis. ANI

Monks network of medieval canals discovered in the UK
An extensive network of medieval canals, which were used by monks in punts, has been discovered in the Lincolnshire fens in the UK. ANI

Archaeologists unearth Buddha statues head in Afghanistan
French and Afghan archaeologists have unearthed the head of a Buddha statue and a precious coin in the province of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. ANI

NASAs E Nose may soon sniff out cancer
E Nose, a device developed by NASA to detect low-level leaks of ammonia in shuttles, may soon guide surgeons as they operate on cancer patients. ANI

Scientists create artificial bones that mimic natural counterparts
Georgia Tech engineers have successfully created artificial bones that can blend into tissues like tendons or ligaments, just as natural bones do. ANI

Chinese demand for ivory leads to elephant decimation in Congo
Almost 10 per cent of elephants have been killed in Congos troubled Virunga National Park by armed groups, soldiers, and poachers, allegedly driven by rising Chinese demand for ivory. ANI

Hiroshima radiation led to thyroid cancer in survivors at onset of adulthood
A new research has led to the discovery that an atomic bomb explosion in a particular area can lead to thyroid cancer in survivors at the onset of adulthood, a primary example being the blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. ANI

NASAs Phoenix extends its mission on Mars till September 30
NASAs Phoenix Mars Lander, which has completed its 90-day primary mission on the Red Planet, has extended its activities till September 30. ANI

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