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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 30, 2008
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Technology News

Cheap, solar-powered lamp 'most important object of the 21st century'
A cheap solar-powered lamp has joined the list of the most priceless treasures in the British Museum. ANI

Worms provide clues to declining fertility with age in women
A new study from Princeton University has revealed why fertility declines at a rate that far exceeds the onset of other aging signs in women. ANI

Flapless 'Demon' aircraft that use air bursts to fly
Engineers at the Cranfield University in the United Kingdom have completed a flapless flight by using bursts of air to control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) they call Demon. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 30, 2008

Your chance to glam up iGoogle homepage
Google will no more be the plain, formal looking page, for it has undergone a celebrity makeover and so, you can now glam up the iGoogle homepage with the work of your favourite celebs and artists. ANI

Mounting mirrors on the moon could catch aliens attention
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University in State College have come up with a way of attracting the attention of aliens - mounting mirrors on the moon to throw back some extra sunlight in ETs direction. ANI

Converting plants into biofactories comes closer to reality
Australian researchers have come a step closer to turning plants into biofactories capable of producing oils which can be used to replace petrochemicals used to manufacture a range of products. ANI

Artificial intelligence gives a powerful boost to ESAs Mars Express
Artificial intelligence (AI) being used at the European Space Operations Centre in Germany is giving a powerful boost to ESAs (European Space Agency) Mars Express as it searches for signs of past or present life on the Red Planet. ANI

Ozone hole recovery might accelerate melting of Antarctic ice
A new research has suggested that the recovery of the ozone hole above Antarctica could warm the Antarctic and cause more ice to melt in coming decades. ANI

Now, a blanket that kills smell of nighttime farts!
Sick and tired of the smelly loud or silent trumps made by your partner while sleeping? Well, its time now you breathe fresh air, for a special blanket that kills the smell of nighttime farts has come to your rescue. ANI

Scientists find way to make cheap fluorescent nanodiamonds
Diamond chips make for effective tools when it comes to delivering chemotherapy drugs. The only problem however, was that they were too expensive for regular use. Now, Taiwanese scientists have found a way to slash the cost of making these diamond chips by around 100 times. ANI

Scientists to map cancer genome in 500 mln pounds worldwide project
Researchers are about to map the full range of genetic mutations that drive 50 types of cancer in a 500 million pounds international project that promises to revolutionize treatment and diagnosis of the disease. ANI

Testosterone makes birds good defenders, but bad parents
Female starlings with a testosterone top-up compete ruthlessly for nesting sites but when it comes parental care, they give it a miss, according to a new study. ANI

Dogs know what the barks all about
A new study has shed new light on dog communication, by showing how clearly dogs recognize and perceive the messages they get in form of different barks. ANI

Silver nanoparticles may be destroying beneficial bacteria
A University of Missouri researcher has found that silver nanoparticles may be destroying beneficial bacteria that are used to remove ammonia from wastewater treatment systems. ANI

Black hole given a superkick from its parent galaxy
Astronomers have observed a black hole being expelled from its parent galaxy, which is the first recorded instance of this extreme ejection event, that had been predicted by theorists earlier. ANI

Small galaxies in early universe packed same punch as present grown up ones
By observing compact galaxies in the universes distant past, astronomers have determined that though they were a fraction of the size of todays grownup galaxies, they contained approximately the same number of stars. ANI

Bison can make a comeback in US over next 100 years
A new evaluation has suggested that the Bison can make a comeback in large areas from Alaska in the US to Mexico over the next 100 years, provided a series of conservation and restoration measures are taken. ANI

Asian vultures could be extinct within a decade
A new study has determined that Asian vultures are in catastrophic decline and could disappear from the wild within a decade. ANI

Bats sonar system louder than home fire alarms, rock concerts
If you thought rock concerts were deafening, wait till you hear these bats. According to new measurements, bats using sound to find their way in the dark boom louder than home fire alarms and rock concerts. ANI

New findings challenge conventional ideas on evolution of human diet
The analysis of marks on the teeth of members of an ancient human ancestor species has determined that structure alone is not enough to predict dietary preferences and that evolutionary adaptation for eating may have been based on scarcity rather than on an animals regular diet. ANI

Legless lizard, tiny woodpecker among 14 new species found in Brazil
Scientists from Conservation International (CI) and Brazilian universities have discovered a legless lizard and a tiny woodpecker along with 12 other suspected new species in Brazils Cerrado, one of the worlds 34 biodiversity conservation hotspots. ANI

Before fossil fuels, Earths minerals kept CO2 in check
A new study has suggested that before the era of fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere was checked by Earths minerals. ANI

NASA spacecraft tracks powerful electrical storm on Saturn
NASAs Cassini spacecraft is tracking a powerful electrical storm raging on Saturn, which has lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than lightning on Earth. ANI

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