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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 3, 2008
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Technology News

Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients
To determine whether adding the hormone leptin to standard insulin therapy might help rein in the tumultuous blood-sugar levels of people with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, a clinical trial at UT Southwestern Medical Center is being carried out. ANI

Why deaf have 'super vision'
Researchers have found reasons for the enhanced abilities in the remaining senses of deaf people. ANI

Tsunami risk higher than expected in LA, other major cities
A new study has revealed that the risk of destructive tsunamis is in places such as Kingston, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 3, 2008

Invisibility cloaks, ray guns, teleportation could become scientific realities this century
Your dream of having an invisibility cloak or a ray gun could become a scientific reality in this century, according to a leading physicist. ANI

Absence of sex may not threaten all species with extinction
Amazed by the microscopic animals called bdelloid rotifers that have unusually been able to escape extinction despite giving up sex, scientists have now hypothesised that an extraordinary efficient mechanism for repairing harmful mutations to the DNA perhaps may be the secret of their survival. ANI

Remote lie detection tests may soon be a reality
A new proof-of-concept may lay the foundation for lie detection tests wherein investigators will be able to remotely monitor blood pressure, pulse rate, and sweating among people without their knowledge or consent. ANI

Assyrian rulers might be the forefathers of todays CEOs
An archaeological dig two miles from the Old City of Jerusalem has unearthed evidence suggesting that a palace believed to have been built by an ancient Judean King, probably King Hezekiah, around 700 BCE was perhaps a branch office of Assyrian rulers. ANI

14,300 years old fossilized feces suggest earliest human presence in North America
Archaeologists digging in a dusty cave in Oregon (US) have unearthed fossilized feces dating back to 14,300 years, which appears to be the oldest biological evidence of humans in North America. ANI

New materials could enable a practical hydrogen fuel tank in future
Scientists have come a step closer in designing a clean and efficient hydrogen-powered car, by demonstrating a novel class of materials, which could enable a practical hydrogen fuel tank.Storing enough raw hydrogen for a reasonable driving range would require either impractically high pressures for gaseous hydrogen or extremely low temperatures for liquid hydrogen. ANI

Weak geological barrier may cause severe earthquakes in US
The discovery that a devastating earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands one year before broke through a geological province previously thought to form a barrier to earthquakes, could mean other sites in northwestern North America have the potential for more severe earthquakes than once thought. ANI

New software may help banish feedback at rock concerts
That irritating feedback noise during rock concerts may soon become a thing of past, for a research team has designed an automated system to prevent its occurrence. ANI

Computers will merge ever closer with humans by 2020: Report
With more and more technological advancements, the gap between man and computers is certainly shrinking and the day is not far when this divide would completely fade off and computers would understand human needs and work accordingly with devices embedded in objects, clothing or, in the case of medical monitoring, in human bodies, a Microsoft-backed report has predicted.According to the report, there will be fundamental changes in the field of so-called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The report titled Being Human: Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020, came out through discussions of 45 academics from the fields of computing, science, sociology and psychology. ANI

New fish can see in the same way that humans do
A new fish discovered in Indonesian waters off Ambon Island, is said to have human like features, with the ability to see in the same way that humans do. ANI

Scientists develop promising new nano-engineered gel for spinal cord injury
Scientists at the Northwestern University have taken a major step forward in the development of a viable and effective nanotechnology treatment for spinal cord injury, by creating a new nano-engineered gel that inhibits the formation of scar tissue at the injury site and enables the severed spinal cord fibers to regenerate and grow. ANI

Suns activity has not caused modern-day climate change
Scientists have produced evidence that proves that modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Suns activity. ANI

Monkeys enter sperm competition by snooping on females ejaculatory calls
Theres something kinky going on in Barbary macaques world - for according to a new study, male macaques eavesdrop on their mates having sex in order to ensure their presence in the sperm competition and fertilize as many females as possible. ANI

Bill Gates to help India in fight against killer wheat fungus
Bill Gates has announced a donation of 26.8 million dollars (US) over the next three years for research into curbing a killer wheat fungus, which might cause mass starvation in India if it hits the country before new resistant strains are ready. ANI

Astro Comb will scout for Earthlike planets
A new technology dubbed as the Astro Comb, which is the scientific equivalent of a fine-toothed comb, may soon start search for Earthlike planets outside our solar system. ANI

Reducing CO2 emissions a tougher task than earlier believed
A new research has suggested that reducing global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) over the coming century will be more challenging than society has been led to believe. ANI

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