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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 28, 2008
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Technology News

Yoga may have the power to fight fibromyalgia
Yoga exercises may have the power to combat fibromyalgia - a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain, according to new research conducted at Oregon Health and Science University. ANI

Underwater robot to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica
An underwater robot is being deployed by researchers at the University of British Columbia to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica from October 17 through November 12. ANI

Electrified nano filter 'to kill 98pc of disease-causing bacteria in water'
Scientists are reporting development and successful initial tests of an inexpensive new filtering technology that kills up to 98 percent of disease-causing bacteria in water in seconds without clogging. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 28, 2008

Soon, smart computer controlled electric cars charged by the sun
Researchers at the Southern New Hampshire University are working on a system of grid-tied electric vehicles (Vehicle to Grid or V2G) combined with a solar photovoltaic charging system and smart computer control that they hope will replace traditional fossil fuel cars on campus and become an economic source of power. ANI

Delhi University researchers find nitric oxide regulates both plants and people
Researchers from the University of Delhi, India, have reported in a study that nitric oxide has become an important signalling molecule in plants as well as mammals including man. ANI

Ancient rock drawings unearthed in northern China
With the help of local herdsmen, a huge cluster of ancient rock drawings has been unearthed in northern Chinas Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. ANI

2,200-year-old gemstones unearthed in Iran
Archeologists have discovered 2,200-year-old gemstones and jewels belonging to postdated Achaemenid era in Irans southern province of Fars. ANI

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