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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 27, 2008
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Technology News

Cheap, solar-powered lamp 'most important object of the 21st century'
A cheap solar-powered lamp has joined the list of the most priceless treasures in the British Museum. ANI

Worms provide clues to declining fertility with age in women
A new study from Princeton University has revealed why fertility declines at a rate that far exceeds the onset of other aging signs in women. ANI

Flapless 'Demon' aircraft that use air bursts to fly
Engineers at the Cranfield University in the United Kingdom have completed a flapless flight by using bursts of air to control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) they call Demon. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 27, 2008

How people share knowledge on Yahoo Answers
Have a question, just write it on Yahoo Answers, and there comes the answer. Now, a new study has found just how people share knowledge on the site and provide information on any possible topic one can think of. ANI

Eco-friendly inflatable solar panel developed for domestic use
Researchers have developed an eco-friendly inflatable solar panel called SolarStore for domestic use, which would help to save nearly 0.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. ANI

Ancient Americans believed dogs to be divine escorts for next life
A new research, based on the finding of hundreds of prehistoric dogs buried throughout the southwestern United States, has shown that canines played a key role in the spiritual beliefs of ancient Americans. ANI

Plants maybe better bio-monitors of environment than technology
Researchers have explained how living organisms like plants can be used to track the dispersal of atmospheric pollutants, particulates, and trace elements. ANI

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