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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 25, 2008
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Technology News

Yoga may have the power to fight fibromyalgia
Yoga exercises may have the power to combat fibromyalgia - a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain, according to new research conducted at Oregon Health and Science University. ANI

Underwater robot to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica
An underwater robot is being deployed by researchers at the University of British Columbia to explore ice-covered ocean in Antarctica from October 17 through November 12. ANI

Electrified nano filter 'to kill 98pc of disease-causing bacteria in water'
Scientists are reporting development and successful initial tests of an inexpensive new filtering technology that kills up to 98 percent of disease-causing bacteria in water in seconds without clogging. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 25, 2008

Real-world concrete examples dont make math any easier
The idea of teaching math using real life concrete examples may not help students learn the subject, says a new study. ANI

Earths magnetic field may be responsible for suicides
Scientists believe that earths magnetic field may be responsible for suicidal behaviour among people. ANI

T Rexs ancestors were chickens and ostriches
Genetic sequencing by scientists has shown link of Tyrannosaurus rex with birds like chickens and ostriches, thus providing further evidence for the theory that dinosaurs closest living relatives are modern-day birds. ANI

How our eyes track a fluid birds flight
While tracking a birds flight across the sky, the eye gives a smooth and uninterrupted visual experience, and now in a breakthrough study, scientists at University of California, San Francisco have determined the underlying complex coordination of neurons that generates this tracking motion. ANI

Ancient humans diverged into separate species for 100,000 years
A genetic study has suggested that ancient humans had diverged into two separate species for 100,000 years before merging back into a single population. ANI

Scientists call for better greenhouse gas monitoring system
Researchers at the University of Colorado and NOAA have called for a 10-fold increase in global CO2 monitoring efforts to measure reduction trends in regions. ANI

Spider webs would help propel future space probes
A team of scientists in Finland has woven a new type of spider web-like solar sail, with positively charged wires, that might be able to repel positive ions in the solar wind and thus propel itself through space. ANI

Hubble releases 59 new images of colliding galaxies
A series of 59 new images of colliding galaxies, the largest collection ever published simultaneously, has been released from archived raw Hubble space telescope images. ANI

Biodiversity significantly enhances ecosystems productivity
A new study, conducted by scientists at the Brown University, has shown that more plant diversity notably enhances an ecosystems productivity. ANI

New ESA satellite to provide information about amount of moisture in ground
The European Space Agency (ESA) is set to launch the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite this fall, which would help to provide more information about the amount of moisture in the ground in the United States and around the world.Soil moisture is important because, among other things, it directly affects weather and climate. ANI

Ozone hole recovery may reshape southern hemisphere climate change
A new study has determined that recovering the Antarctic ozone hole may help in modifying climate change in the southern hemisphere and even amplify Antarctic warming. ANI

Global warming mitigation strategy would have adverse impact on ozone layer
A new research has warned that injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere to offset global warming would have an adverse impact on Earths protective ozone layer. ANI

Scientists make technological breakthrough in cutting greenhouse gases
Scientists have made a technological breakthrough in the fight to cut greenhouse gases by developing a highly energy-efficient method of converting waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemical compounds known as cyclic carbonates. ANI

Scientists discover exotic quantum state of matter
A team of scientists have discovered an exotic quantum state of matter, which could lead to advances in new kinds of fast quantum or spintronic computing devices, of potential use in future electronic technologies. ANI

Northern lights shine with unexpected polarization
An international team of scientists has detected that some of the glow of Earths aurora, which is more popularly known as Northern Lights, is polarized, an unexpected state for such emissions. ANI

Scientists find pathway that lets mosquitoes survive winters cold
Scientists studying mosquito life cycle have identified two genes within the insulin signalling pathway of the insects that helps them to survive winters cold. ANI

New superlens focus 10 times more sharply than conventional lens
A trio of American researchers has developed a superlens that can focus 10 times more sharply than a conventional lens. ANI

Is climate change driving Ice Age relics musk ox to extinction?
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has started a new investigation into whether climate change is affecting populations of the rare musk ox. ANI

Astronomers develop plan to identify Earth-like watery planets
Astronomers have developed a plan to identify Earth-like watery worlds circling distant stars from a glint of light seen through an optical space telescope and a mathematical method developed by researchers at Penn State and the University of Hawaii. ANI

Antony and Cleopatras underwater tomb set to be opened
Archaeologists are set to test the theory about whether or not Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony are buried together by opening their 2,000-year-old tomb later this year. ANI

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