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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 19, 2008
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Technology News

Mercedes-Benz to come up with safer child seat soon
A safer and more advanced special seat in the car for your kid would soon be a reality-it was first shown in the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle. ANI

Massive star goes supernova, smothered by its own dust
Astronomers using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered that a giant star in a remote galaxy ended its life with a dust-shrouded whimper instead of the more typical bang. ANI

Genetic defect responsible for epilepsy and mental retardation found
Researchers have detected a genetic mutation responsible for severe mental retardation and epilepsy beginning at infancy. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 19, 2008

E-communication helps homeworkers overcome feelings of professional isolation
A study by two Indian-origin researchers suggests that homeworkers associated with telecommunications organizations rely on e-communication to avoid feelings of professional isolation. ANI

Rehab therapy increases grey matter in the brain
Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, including a researcher of Indian origin, say that a rehabilitation therapy developed by them can produce changes in the structure of the brain. ANI

Scientists develop brainwave-reading, battery-free headsets
A car that can respond to stressed users, new ways to interact with computer games, and techniques that can enable doctors to monitor patients at risk of seizures - all this would soon be possible, thanks to a lightweight battery-free headset that can constantly monitor human brainwaves. ANI

Reseachers show first 3-D image of antibody gene
Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have shown, for the first time, how a genome is organized in three-dimensional space. ANI

New robots could help look after an ageing population
Older people would no more be dependant on families for elderly care, as scientists have developed a robotic assistant that can dial 911 in case of emergencies, remind clients to take their medication and help in their day to day activities. ANI

Scientists discover structure of contamination causing plutonium nanoclusters
Scientists have used high-energy X-rays to discover and study the structure of plutonium nanoclusters, which contaminate groundwater, thus increasing the risk of sickness in humans and animals. ANI

Going veggie once a week can reduce CO2 emissions caused by driving 1860 km per year
Greenhouse emissions per household can be reduced by an amount equivalent to driving a car 1860 km fewer per year if people switch from red meat to veggies just for one day every week, calculates a researcher. ANI

New York and LA airports to get scanners that see through clothes
Travellers at New York and Los Angeles airports will soon have no place to hide - for a new scanner, which can see through clothes, is going to be installed at two of the countrys busiest and highest-profile airports. ANI

Plankton are able to thrive in acidic oceans
Scientists have discovered that some plankton can thrive in acidic oceans, which are a result of increased levels of carbon dioxide. ANI

Clearing smog can reveal true extent of global warming
A new study has determined that the true extent of global warming can only be made when the smog of pollution has cleared from the skies. ANI

India and China set to reduce US dominance in space activity
A new study has determined that India and China, along with Russia, Japan and Europe are all set to reduce the dominance that US has over space activities, with advantages of government, human capital and industry working in their favour. ANI

Experts call for saving net neutrality principle
A leading digital rights lawyer insists that US regulators need to take stern actions to protect the founding principles that have made the internet so successful. ANI

Solar flares cause powerful quakes on Sun
Data obtained from the ESA/NASA spacecraft SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) has shown that powerful quakes ripple around the Sun as a result of powerful solar flares that explode above its surface. ANI

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