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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 15, 2008
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Technology News

Mercedes-Benz to come up with safer child seat soon
A safer and more advanced special seat in the car for your kid would soon be a reality-it was first shown in the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle. ANI

Massive star goes supernova, smothered by its own dust
Astronomers using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered that a giant star in a remote galaxy ended its life with a dust-shrouded whimper instead of the more typical bang. ANI

Genetic defect responsible for epilepsy and mental retardation found
Researchers have detected a genetic mutation responsible for severe mental retardation and epilepsy beginning at infancy. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 15, 2008

Scientists unveil glue that makes concrete stronger
Researchers at the University of Florida say that they have developed a new kind of glue, which can boost the concrete mixs ability to bind the components tightly. ANI

Enjoy a stroll around ancient Pompeii on CyberCarpet
You may soon be able to enjoy a stroll around the ancient city of Pompeii, courtesy an omni-directional treadmill developed by European researchers. ANI

Prison inmates pioneer sanitation project in East Africa
Inmates at a prison on the East coast of Africa are pioneering a sanitation project that would work with nature to neutralize human wastes. ANI

Scientists mimic bacteria to produce magnetic nanoparticles
Scientists have mimicked bacteria to produce magnetic nanoparticles that could be used for drug targeting and delivery in magnetic inks and high-density memory devices, or as magnetic seals in motors. ANI

Aussies dont like surfing the net on mobile phones
When it comes to surfing the web on mobile phones, people Down Under are quite reluctant to do so, a new survey has found. ANI

China overtakes US as worlds biggest polluter
A new report has determined that China has already overtaken the US as the worlds biggest polluter, saying that the countrys greenhouse gas emissions have been underestimated, and probably passed those of the US in 2006-2007. ANI

WiFi devices vulnerable to location spoofing attacks: Study
Researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) have demonstrated the vulnerabilities of a famous WiFi Positioning System (WPS) to location spoofing attacks. ANI

Indian origin scientist takes step towards building superfast far-infrared computers
A scientist of Indian origin has tested devices aimed at harnessing far-infrared light, which marks a step towards building superfast computers that run on far-infrared light instead of electricity. ANI

Earth cooled down in three rapid steps 33 million years ago
A new research has shown that it took three separate cooling events to step down the Earths temperature around 33 million years ago. ANI

Coral reef recovers from 1954 nuclear explosion
A coral reef in the Bikini Atoll in Marshall islands that was nuked in 1954, has been verified by ecologists as having completely recovered from the devastation that it had undergone. ANI

Elephants ancestors lived in water 37 million years ago
A new study has suggested that an ancient ancestor of the elephant lived in an aquatic environment 37 million years ago. ANI

Protein profile that may help treat chronic sinusitis identified
Researchers at Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine have identified a protein profile in the blood of chronic sinusitis sufferers, which they say, may enable physicians to objectively diagnose and treat the disease. ANI

First clues about ancestral origin of placenta uncovered
The first clues about the ancient origins of the placenta - a mothers intricate lifeline to her unborn baby which delivers oxygen and nutrients critical to its health - have been uncovered, say scientists. ANI

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