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Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 13, 2008
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Technology News

Changes in population growth and composition influence climate change
A new study has suggested that changes in population growth and composition, including aging and urbanization, could affect global emissions of carbon dioxide over the next 40 years. ANI

Chinese scientists, explorers seek help in search for elusive ape-man
Chinese scientists and explorers are looking for international help as they begin a new search for the elusive ape-man known as Bigfoot or Yeren. ANI

Magnets may help treat major depression
Psychiatric researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found a non-invasive, non-drug therapy to be an effective, long-term treatment for major depression. ANI

Science and Technology updates, research findings and scientific reports for April 13, 2008

Soon, scar-free surgery that removes organs via patients mouth
Imagine a surgery, which involves no visible scars and needs hardly any recovery time. Well, such a procedure will soon be a possibility if a leading surgeon has his way. ANI

Britain was the real Jurassic Park 140 million years ago
In movies, it might look that the Jurassic Park would have existed in the Lost World, but according to a group of researchers Britain was actually a dinosaur heaven 140 million years ago. ANI

Indian-origin researchers explore ways to make UV-resistant, antibacterial bamboo fabric
Two researchers of Indian origin at Colorado State University have come up with a process for making bamboo-based fabrics resistant to the suns damaging ultraviolet radiations and bacteria. ANI

Novel superinsulator to pave way for next gen microelectronics
Scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory, in collaboration with several European institutions, have created the first superinsulator, which can help in the development of a new generation of microelectronics. ANI

New method can rapidly produce low-cost biofuels from wood and grass
Scientists have developed a new method that can rapidly produce low-cost biofuels from wood and grass. ANI

New marine instrument can detect harmful algae in coastal waters
Researchers and coastal managers detected a bloom of harmful marine algae in the Gulf of Mexico using an underwater microscope, which helped to prevent human consumption of tainted shellfish. ANI

New lithium-ion battery would be safer for cell phones
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Wurzburg, Germany, have developed a novel lithium-ion battery that would prove to be more safer for cell phones and other electronic devices. ANI

New simulation software that tests product life within seconds developed
Scientists have developed a software which can simulate malfunctions that the components of vehicles can encounter on the road within seconds, which would cut down on the time spent on tests to discover their service life. ANI

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