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Task Force Police arrested Army Officer Patan Kumar Poddar on charges of passing Army secrets

August 7, 2014 - Hyderabad

The Task Force Police in a joint operation with the military officials on Wednesday arrested a Naik Subedar Patan Kumar Poddar of Army’s EME unit in Secunderabad on the charges of passing sensitive information to suspected Pakistani national.

The Naik Subedar Patan Kumar Poddar was produced before a local court which remanded him judicial custody for two weeks.

Police sources said that Poddar was actively involved in networking marketing business for a company called Secure Life. He wan contacted by a foreigner suspected to be a Pakistani on a social networking site and she had been in touch with him over phone and both exchanged mails. It is reported that she share with him her nude pictures to entice him. Police believed that he had shared information pertaining to Army bases and deployment of some defence units with her.

Police registered cases under Sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Official Secrets Act 1923 besides Sec. 120-B, and 3 and 3 of the Prize Chits Money Circulation banning Act of 1977.

Army officials reacts over Patan Kumar Poddar arrest
Army officials on Thursday said that there is relation with the EME with Poddar. They said that the information of Secunderabad unit is intact and safe. No information has gone out’, said Army.

Defence statement:
Defence Statement says that the Army man arrested by police does not belong to the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME). In fact the JCO is from artillery and posted at 151 MC/MF detachment in Secunderabad.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy said that the arrest was made on the basis of the information by the Army. He said that the police are investigating into the financial transactions.

Anushka Agarwal deposited Rs.10 lakhs in the account’, says Poddar
Poddar during interrogation has said that Pakistani national Anushka Agarwal has deposited Rs.10 lakhs into his account. He said that he had ben chatting with her for the last three months. He had given information of the movement of the Army at Punch sector in the India-Pakistan boarder. Police said that they have seized Rs.3 lakhs from his two accounts. CCS police have petitioned for his custody. It may be recalled that the Army, ISI, IB, Intelligence have already petitioned for his custody. Police said that an account of Face Book is there in the name of Anushka Agarwal with Jaipur (Rajasthan) address.

CCS Police seize computers, laptops and pen drives
The CCS police filed a petition in Nampally court urging for the custody of the accused. The police told to the court that Poddar has been in touch with an unidentified person for the last one year and had been in chatting with her for the last three months.
Police said that they have seized two computers, laptop, pen drives and have seen to forensic lab for analyzation. They said that the unidentified person belongs to whether Pakistan or India has to be ascertained, said the police. It may be recalled that ISI, IB, Army and Intelligence wings are seeking his custody.

The Hyderabad Police Commissioner V Mahender Reddy said in a release that the accused shared information about strategic location of army bases and deployment of defence units to her through phone and emails. He said that Patan Kumar misused his position and shared officials’ secrets with outsiders and foreign nationals against the interest of national security. Investigators believe he mailed to her some details of missile locations, profiles of top military officials and important phone numbers. Patan Kumar was aware of troops’ movement as he used to book train tickets whenever they moved from Secunderabad to other places in the country.

Investigation reveals that Patan Kumar Poddar had been chatting with Anushka Agarwal from 2013. He reportedly told to the investigating officers that Anushka Agarwal had wanted key information of the Army and on the movement of officers. He told her of the information of 40 officers to her. He told the officials that he had passed on the information of 12 units brigadiers and their information along with information of the Army posted at boarders.

Anushka transacts money to Poddar account of SBI
Patan Kumar Poddar confessed to CCS police that the spy Anushka Agarwal gave him around Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month for working for an NGO in Jhansi which she claimed to be run by her father – a retired IAF Commander. The money was transacted to his SBI account Mangalbari branch in Malda district of West Bengal.

The accused reportedly leaked some sensitive information concerning security of Indian Armed forces including details of weapon storage and position of military units. He said that he shared the details of units in Western Boarder and on army unit’s location, army bases and division headquarters through e-mail. He said that he purchased a second hand laptop and is used for internet browsing and chatting with Anushka Agarwal and later, handed over to his friend Pradeep Kumar. Sources said that the accused used to communicate with Anushka Agarwal over phone through Voice-over-internet protocol application.

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