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Pawan Kalyan's ISM book likely to hit stands

Pawan Kalyan

March 16, 2014 - Hyderabad

Jana Sena party founder and film actor Pawan Kalyan has penned a book titled 'ISM' and efforts are going on for launch of the book.

Sources said that the book written in English spells the theory and ideology, aims and construction of Jana Sena party. The book touches the social aspects and Jana Sena theories were written with Pawan's close friend Raju Ravi Teja. Informed sources the book, which was written six years ago and revised over the years, is likely to be released after March 25.

'It will also say about the party agenda in the book', said Jana Sena party sources. It is learnt that ace publishing house 'Pragathi' is given the responsibility of publishing this book too which will be ready anytime soon for a grand launch. Party ticket.

The book explains about the criteria for allotment of party ticket and covers Pawan's views on the present day political developments in the back drop of shifting of loyalties. The book also deals with various issues including his plans for the betterment of women and how he would handle the problems.

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